Ash vs Evil Dead season 3

The new season of the popular sitcom was created by director Rick Jacobson Ivan Raimi on the scenario for the American television channel "Starz".

Release date tv series Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 19, 2017.

A lot of emotions and great admiration of fans was due to return to television screens Ashe - the main zombie fighter.

The series "Ash against the evil of the dead" is a component of the popular franchise director Sam Raimi and screenwriter, who in his time and created the original trilogy of films.

The main role of the killer dead, as well as primary sources in the films by actor Bruce Campbell, who played in the series "Fargo", together with him on the screen will flash Ray Santiago known for the iconic detective "Dexter" and actress Dana DeLorentso participant in the show "Two girls on the rocks."

As you might notice from the first two seasons, the show intertwines with the history of the insurgent army of darkness, but only superficially, this is due to the outstanding issues of copyright.


Thirty years later, many have already forgotten about the first meeting with the rebels Ash Williams dead from hell.

Ash sometimes he began to forget about the fun times, he now works in a supermarket and lives a normal life, a person who is over fifty.

In his personal life he has and has not developed, the evening spent with the girls of easy virtue, and living in a van.

So during a regular affair, he casts a spell from this ominous book, which he promised never to open, resulting in release of a powerful demon of the night Kandariana again.

The girl, who at the time was the hero, falls under the influence of a demon, and kills cop for investigating detective is taken Amanda Fisher, after much friction Ash still understand what happened.

The police realized that the mystery of mysterious killings and all paranormal lies in Ash Williams and he was the key to all answers.

Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 19, 2017
3x02Series 2September 26, 2017
3x03Series 3October 3, 2017
3x04Series 4October 10, 2017
3x05Series 5October 17, 2017
3x06Series 6October 24, 2017
3x07Series 7October 31, 2017
3x08Series 8November 7, 2017
3x09Series 9November 14, 2017
3x10Series 10November 21, 2017


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