Ask laftan anlamaz season 2

Continuation of the popular Turkish series created by director Bahadir Ince and television "Bi Yapım", commissioned by TV channel "Show TV" in 2016.

Release date tv series Ask laftan anlamaz season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - June 16, 2017.

Currently there is no official information on the extension of the drama "Love does not understand the words," but show high ratings both in Turkey and abroad, it is necessary to assume that the yield of 32 series will be held in the summer of 2017.

An interesting fact was that on certain days of the show new episodes of the series rankings have left behind such a project as "Kösem Sultan".

The main role in the second season performed by actors Tugche Karabadzhak, Hande Erchel, Oguzkhan Harbi, Chagyran Merv Burak Deniz played a detective in "Gecenin Kralicesi" and Ozcan Tekdemir.


The new drama series "Love does not understand the words" is an exciting love story completely different in character and status of the people.

Successful businessman Murat Sarsylmaz taken possession of one of the wealthiest families in Turkey, his ancestors had all his life engaged in the production of clothes, they belong to the largest textile factories.

Young age Marat did not interfere with the rise through the ranks, he has achieved tremendous success in the development and management of his father's company, one of the positive qualities of the protagonist was the ability to take calculated risks and make informed decisions.

The main character of the show charming girl named Hayat hails from an ordinary average family, she comes from the province Girksune, he moved to Istanbul after graduation.

In the capital, she rents a small apartment together with two friends. Despite the fact that characters from different social classes, and they have completely opposing interests and views on life, they find a common language.



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  • 03/12/2017 at

    I am very excited to watch 2nd season please do ur work fast and upload it.

  • 04/24/2020 at

    I am very excited to watch 2nd season,please update me for the 2nd season release date.

    such a romantic couple hayat&murat.
    Fan of hayat&murat.


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