Beyond season 2

Continuation of the detective fiction directed by Steve Edelson, created by film companies "Automatik Entertainment" in 2017.

Release date tv series Beyond season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - February 3, 2018.

The fact that the world is wider than we are accustomed to see it, tell a new series. Fantastic Detective erase the boundaries of human imagination. What is new and offered to show whether the authors were able to surprise the audience?

A team of well-known directors to work on the TV series. Among them was the master of the detective genre - Steve Edelson. Viewers saw his name in the credits of the "Black List", "Limitless" and "Scorpion". Also I worked on directing Nick Copus.

He has participated in the formulation of such fantastic projects as "Gotham", "Nikita" and "Arrow". Therefore, from the very beginning, from the television product, for which the director took such well-known masters of cinema, waiting for a lot of interesting.

Also worth noting that the series "Beyond" has a lot of competitors. In general, only in 2016 were such projects as "Channel Zero", "Stranger Things" and "Outcast".

All of the above show equally grim, aimed at fans of science fiction, keep the intrigue thanks to a detective story, a few tight and only partially justified studios expectations.

However, each of these gave a green light transmission for a second season. Select the series "On the other side," something special and unusual among the other projects of recent years - is hard enough. The idea of the original, but failed unwound.


Holden Matthews - was a normal teenager until his life has not turned a terrible tragedy. Severe trauma was the cause of the coma, which lasted for twelve long years. But it turns out, wake up 25 years after the endless sleep - not the worst thing that happened to Holden.

While male body was chained to the bed, the mind has recognized a new reality closed for normal people. The poor man finds himself in a supernatural force. And while the hero is trying to deal with his past, his detractors are looking for ...

Especially nice to see on the screen young, talented but not yet popular actors. The main role played Barkley Duffield. Spectators could see it in the movie "Warcraft" and the television series "People are the future." Man perfectly portrayed the confusion and fear. His character would like to believe.

Unfortunately the effect of the good boy, who looks at the world through the eyes of goofy, did not last long. With each new episode of the hero lost features that distinguish it from other characters.

Consequently, by the end of the series, Holden became a typical fighter for justice who is willing to do anything for the good. It is a pity that the image of a guy who looks at the world of ridiculous teenage eyes, lost in the storyline. This alienated the public.

The latter is evidenced by the approval ratings. If the first episode (thanks to beautiful posters and a promising title) gathered at the screen more than a million viewers in the US, with each subsequent series, the audience fell.

The only intrigue that has been preserved to the authors: what to broadcast the second season of 10 episodes in length? The public is not even interested in how the events will develop in the next section, since the start of the tape was unsuccessful.

Theme, which was chosen authors, proved to be too difficult and sometimes boring to the general public. The plot is often lacking in dynamics. Most likely, and talking about this assessment of many critics, the television project will draw attention only a small part of the audience who prefer fantasy.

Beyond season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1February 3, 2018
2x02Series 2February 10, 2018.
2x03Series 3February 17, 2018.
2x04Series 4February 24, 2018.
2x05Series 5March 2, 2018
2x06Series 6March 9, 2018
2x07Series 7March 16, 2018
2x08Series 8March 23, 2018
2x09Series 9March 30, 2018
2x10Series 10April 6, 2018


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