Black Sails season 5

The new season of the American drama series created by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine commissioned by TV channel "Starz" based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel.

Release date tv series Black Sails season 5 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – January 26, 2018.

Well, who does not like pirates? If you belong to those who are harsh and exciting adventures of the intrepid sailors, while the series "Black Sails" took off just for you!

The project list includes directors Steve Boyum. Most viewers know him on such shows as "Supernatural" and "Forever". On the production of the series he worked no less famous film genius Alik Sakharov. He directed such popular projects as the "Game of Thrones", "Rome" and "Boardwalk Empire."

A separate item worth mentioning the idea. "Black Sails" is different from the well-known audience projects is the fact that instead of adventure at sea, pirates most of their time on the island, where lawlessness and debauchery reigns. Total intrigue, hypocrisy and cheating here could be the envy of even the "Santa Barbara".


Events unfold in the distant 1715. At the height of the Golden Age of Piracy. However, the pirates never behave as relaxed as the island of New Providence. It was here all sailing ships, captains which only its name inspire fear in the world. Some sail here to sell stolen goods, others to have fun with beautiful girls. Among those whom fate had brought this piece of land, there is also a well-known sailor - Captain Flint.

The first thing to say about "Black Sail" - this is not one of those projects that is gaining attention of the audience from the first episode. Events in the show are developing quite slowly. Virtually no turning points, which make the heart beat faster. But at the same time, this drama is like a quicksand, draws the audience slowly but surely. For the series to get used to. And viewing a few episodes, the audience falls in love with the project once and for all.

Genre, which removed the painting - a dramatic thriller. However, this does not mean that the dialogues are poor in the beautiful turns, and the scene devoid of any humor. In the series, a lot of interesting characters, lack of foresight, openness and earthiness which fascinates. Apparently, due to the ability of directors to file a complex subject in simple terms, "Black Sails" deserve such high praise of audiences and critics.

To laugh is from what. pirate skirmish on the streets of the island of New Providence or in the holds of ships filled with lively dialogues and amusing verbal turnover. Perhaps the avid fans of pirate paintings are missing purely maritime jokes. However, the ordinary viewer is unlikely to notice this mistake writers.

The series is not intended for an audience of children. Those who expect to see someone like the Captain Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean", is waiting for a big disappointment. Sailors are violent, although they are not without adventure and comedy. The age group 16+ project. Show full vulgar scenes.

Most of the events take place at a local brothel. Consequently, the screen virtually disappear prostitutes, and heroes do not lose the opportunity to fool around and throw a coarse word. Everywhere drink drunken sailors, and around them, back and forth, running around half-naked girls. Often portrayed working moments representatives of the oldest profession. If the first episode surprised explicit scenes, then the viewer sees hardly bare chest of the fallen girls.

Moreover, the pirates often beat and props are not stingy on the blood and meat. Fierce fights are not too different with originality, but may distract the audience from the monotony of the storyline.

At first glance, from the series exclusively male audience. Pirates, Battle, love for money, lesbians (it is there too) ... - all this will attract the attention of a strong half of mankind. However, this does not mean that women do not find in the project something for yourself. Girls enjoy the beautiful scenery, a web of intrigue and reflections heroes on the issue of loyalty and friendship.

In general, the series draws. He did not like the other Television and is able to captivate the audience into the world of adventure, danger and debauchery of the Golden Age of piracy.

Black Sails season 5 release date

Series titleRelease date
5x01Series 1January 26, 2018
5x02Series 2February 2, 2018
5x03Series 3February 9, 2018
5x04Series 4February 16, 2018
5x05Series 5February 23, 2018
5x06Series 6March 1, 2018
5x07Series 7March 8, 2018
5x08Series 8March 15, 2018
5x09Series 9March 22, 2018
5x10Series 10March 29, 2018

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