Bloodivores season 2

The next season of fantasy anime cartoon series created by director Chen E, in the autumn of 2016.

Release date anime series Bloodivores season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


«Bloodivores» - mystical series of Japanese production in the style of anime with the supernatural plot. Six decades ago, the planet's inhabitants infected with a mysterious virus, longer sleep. For a week of insomnia they were so exhausted that were looking forward to the so-called antidote.

But a new development pharmacologists had unintended consequences - all "not slept," have turned into bloodthirsty vampires.

Mankind has found a new enemy, the supernatural, and fought with him for another twenty years. But not all of the monsters have been defeated in the confrontation.

Mother Mi Liu was an ordinary woman and her father - a survivor of insomnia vampire. When the boy grew up, he became a villain to think this small raids on shops and small banks.

Once he was unlucky, and he was in a special jail. After escaping the guy finds out that in the suburbs there is a special place where vampires live apart. to reach it, outsmarting all unusual monsters, and there will open the secrets of ...



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