Bull season 2

Continuation of the American detective series created by the director Simon Gibney and the film company Amblin Television on the order of the CBS television channel in 2016.

Release date tv series "Bull" season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 7, 2017.


"Bull" is a series about a psychologist with three degrees, who together with his team helps lawyers win the most hopeless cases.

Dr. Jason Bull gathered around himself a real pros, specializing in the search and analysis of information. This is necessary not so much to identify the true criminal in a specific trial, how much to influence the course of the hearing, the convictions of all those involved from the judge to the jury to make an acquittal.

The psychologist does not skimp on the waste of time and money received from wealthy clients to find people of the closest possible nature, ethnicity and social status to the real jurymen, and conduct trial trials with them, figuring out how this or that fact affects the audience and opinion Gathered.

During the testimony Bull closely follows the emotions and facial expressions, making adjustments on the course of action. He loves complex tasks and is used to coming out of such fights as a winner. The same result is set up and subordinates Jason, so their diligence and faith in the methods of the boss knows no boundaries.

Bull season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 7, 2017
2x02Series 2October 14, 2017
2x03Series 3October 21, 2017
2x04Series 4October 28, 2017
2x05Series 5November 4, 2017
2x06Series 6November 11, 2017
2x07Series 7November 18, 2017
2x08Series 8November 25, 2017
2x09Series 9December 2, 2017
2x10Series 10December 9, 2017
2x11Series 11January 25, 2018
2x12Series 12February 1, 2018
2x13Series 13February 8, 2018
2x14Series 14February 15, 2018
2x15Series 15February 22, 2018
2x16Series 16March 25, 2018
2x17Series 17April 1, 2018



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