Chance season 2

Continuation of serial thriller was created by director Daniel Ettiesom based on the eponymous novel by English author Kem Nunn, in 2016, commissioned by TV channel "Hulu".

Release date tv series Chance season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held  - October 17, 2017.

Bosa channel "the Hulu" never doubted the success of the project, due to the fact that the main role is played by actor Hugh Laurie, who played previously in the cult TV series "House MD".

So even before the premiere episode, "Dr. Chance" was officially extended for 2 season of ten episodes.

Colleagues Hugh, on the set began to Sal Lopez played a detective in "Castle", Kevin Karskallen, Christian Aguilera and Carol Jefferson.

The TV channel "Hulu" created a leading US entertainment corporation, such as "Disney and" Fox ", the project was supposed to be the translator of video content on-demand users.

Soon online channel has become a full-fledged studio with their masterpieces, as the premiere of the mini series "11.22.63" in 2016, "Dr. Chance" is the second TV project.


In the middle of the trial neyropsihiator, Dr. Chance Eldon, Eldon is currently going through a difficult time, some time ago, he dissolved the marriage of his wife, the relationship with the only daughter does not exactly succeed.

In addition Dr. experiencing financial difficulties, he needs to sell the house, get out of the debt hole. Also still need to maintain credibility in the work of helping people to deal with similar difficulties in life.

At one point in his order arrives brutally beaten by a girl named Jacqueline Blackstone, as a result of the injuries she lost her memory, and suffers from a split personality.

Eldon first suspicions fall on her ex-husband, who is in addition to the police, and according to Jacqueline's exactly it was, but the lack of hard evidence does not allow the start offender in relation investigation.

Soon the doctor a chance to itself begins at risk of restless police, as a psychiatrist, who had previously examined Jacqueline killed and his office was raided.

Chance 2 season release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 17, 2017
2x02Series 2October 24, 2017
2x03Series 3October 31, 2017
2x04Series 4November 7, 2017
2x05Series 5November 14, 2017
2x06Series 6November 21, 2017
2x07Series 7November 28, 2017
2x08Series 8December 5, 2017
2x09Series 9December 12, 2017
2x10Series 10December 19, 2017


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  • 05/20/2017 at

    The text describing the show is illiterate. One can barely make out the intended sense of the sentences. Why would HULU spend millions on a series and then fail to take any care at all with the presentation of the series by means of the written word? This is a mystery to me.

    Robert von Hallberg, fan of Chance


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