ChaoS Child season 2

Continuation of the popular post-apocalyptic anime director Masato Dzimbo created in early 2017.

Release date anime series ChaoS Child season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


Due to the fact that in 2009 in the beginning of November there was a strong earthquake in the Tokyo area, mass panic in Sibu, which is also called the black crowd led to huge losses of population.

There were significant variations, reached 7.8 points. The catastrophe had defined as "Sibuyskoe an earthquake". Time passed, and the town was almost restored. manga was written on the basis of events, and now came the animated film "ChaoS Child".

Six years later, over the top of the chaos, and people start again to return to their native land. Unfortunately the citizens of the region have undergone strong emotions, and psychological drama in each family left a painful imprint.

See and learn about the life and the urgent challenges the protagonist anime Thakur Miyashiro, who became an orphan after the tragedy. He holds all powers and goes to the club for young journalists. Learning about the two murders in the restored Shibuya district, he and his friends decided to reveal the complicated case and punish psychopaths.



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