Conviction season 2

Continuation of the American drama series company created "Double Fried" and directed by Liz Friedlander commissioned by TV channel "ABC" in 2016.

Release date tv series Conviction season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held  - October 2, 2017.

The new show has brought a dramatic television channel "ABC" is not enough positive reviews and reviews at the end of 2016 the producers formally extend the franchise "false accusation" on the Season 2.

The shooting of new episodes are scheduled for the spring of 2017, according to some information on the show will not one but several new heroes and antagonists.

Starring actress Emily Kinney played in a variety of popular designs, including post apocalyptic cult "The Walking Dead", the mystical drama "The Knick" thriller "The Good Wife" and a detective "Eternity".

Her peers would Hayley Atwell star of TV series "Agent Carter" and "Agents of SHIELD". In addition, the show will be Shawn Ashmore, Eddie Cahill and Merrin Dungey participant comedy "Shameless" and a detective "Grey's Anatomy."


The main character of the series "The verdict" is not an ordinary girl, she is the daughter of the US President, because of the great abundance of luxury, constant attention of the press, get-togethers and parties, Hays Morrison grew this rebel.

But deep down, the main character is covered intelligent, fair and honest lady, these qualities begin to manifest themselves as a result of another incident when police Hayes caught a dose of the drug.

The girl's parents were shocked occurred, they had not a little to make efforts to this case did not recognize the broad mass of people. The news that their daughter is using drugs, play a negative role in the political career of his father.

Mother Hays asks for help from an old friend Conner Wallace, the same offer her daughter to lead the newly created legal organization that is reviewing long-standing court cases to identify unjustly accused persons.

Soon Morrison with his head immersed in the new position, but her passionate nature can play a cruel joke against employers themselves.

The team at the girl working at the former policeman Maxine names, careerist lawyer Sam, an expert on criminology Frankie rewind time in prison, and beauty Tess.

Conviction season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1October 2, 2017
2x02Series 2October 9, 2017
2x03Series 3October 16, 2017
2x04Series 4October 23, 2017
2x05Series 5October 30, 2017
2x06Series 6November 7, 2017
2x07Series 7November 14, 2017
2x08Series 8November 21, 2017
2x09Series 9November 28, 2017
2x10Series 10December 5, 2017


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