Dagashi Kashi season 2

The long-awaited continuation of the anime series director Sigehito Takayanagi, created in 2016, after the release of a cartoon has gained wide popularity both in Japan so and abroad.

Released anime series Dagashi Kashi season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.

Now fans are waiting when will continue and whether the new season, unambiguous, official data yet, please stay tuned.

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The protagonist of the anime "Sweet Shop" arrogant and proud boy. He was very lucky in life, he had a childhood dream to become famous and become a famous mangaka.

But his father constantly finds fault with the work in the shop - a family business which is now suffering losses, but can not be abandoned because of the memory of their ancestors and transmit from generation to generation.

It is because of the work in the shop CICAD Kokonotsu became so arrogant. He categorically does not want to become a father after the manual of a small pastry shop, but his father said institution almost the center of the universe of sweets.

Even the elder brother of his father Sidare Hotaru because of knee and aggravated the situation, he offered him a long-term cooperation with a store of sweets. Namely, an increase that will make the store the most popular in Japan.

Father certainly agrees, is now helping his son has become even more important. And now the CICAD would have become the head of the factory, it was a condition of his older brother.



2 thoughts on “Dagashi Kashi season 2

  • 08/04/2017 at

    *he was a childhood dream* to become famous and become a famous mangaka.

    He HAD a childhood dream.

    not open to more than one interpretation.
    “instructions should be unambiguous”

    I’m not sure you used proper grammar. Was this all pasted into Google Translate before the article was created?

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