Days season 2

Continuation of the trends 2016 anime series, sports orientation created by the film studio "MAPPA" based on the popular manga.

Released anime series Days season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - July, 2017.

Another novelty football focus has pleased many fans, they are all waiting when will the continuation of the cartoon?

Work on the creation of new episodes will begin in the autumn of 2016, the director of the second season was Konoske Uda, all drawings and character designs commissioned Kazuto Nakazawa, music track, and sounds creates Ёschihiro Ike.

Those who are crazy about sports anime Ballroom wonderful project "Volleyball" and "Basketball Kuroko", and of course the rest of the popular anime.


The storyline of the anime series "Days" is developed around professional football player and his wards, the so-called younger generation of athletes.

The protagonist of the humble teenager Kong Tsukomota moves to a new school and a new class, where the first day is experiencing a shame from his awkward action. Then Kun disappointed in the hope of finding new friends.

But soon it drew attention to a teenager Jin Kazama, is very popular at school, it offers despairing Kun play mini-soccer after school with high school students.

This invitation is giving rise to some hope Tsukomoty soul finally make friends, sporting event has shown many positive features of the protagonist. Teammates know him as a selfless and loyal guy.

Soon Jin Kun and decide to go to the local professional football team, which manages all professional, captain of Mizuki.



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