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In summer 2018, a brand new Devilman anime is coming to Netflix. It’s called Devilman Crybaby, and here is the debut teaser. Masaaki Yuasa, who did the Ping Pong anime, is directing, and Ichiro Okouchi of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion fame is writing the script.

Created by Go Nagai, Devilman debuted as a manga in 1972 and was turned into an anime series that same year.

Devilman anime - story

The anime followed a demon named Devilman, a bodyguard for the demon king Zennon, the leader of the Demon Tribe. When Akira Fudo and his father were exploring the Himalayan Mountains they fall through a crack in the ice where they encounter Zennon who promptly kills them. He then summons his three bodyguards Devilman, Rerasu and Daruni and tells them to battle for the right to use Akira's body so the winner could infiltrate the human world so the demons would know when to attack. Devilman however falls in love with a human girl named Miki Makimura and betrays the Demon Tribe to be with her. This angers his former leader Zennon and he sends his solders to try and kill him, each episode often bringing a new threat and foe to the table.

The basic gist is a guy who can turn into a devil fights other devils to protect humanity. On the TV series, the guy who is supposedly the main character dies and its body gets stolen by a demon, the demon turns good and helps humanity but no one realizes that the original character is dead.

On the manga, the main characters gets possessed by a demon but retains his personality and uses the power of the demon to fight people who were possessed by demons but lost themselves and turned into full demons.

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3 thoughts on “Devilman anime 2018

  • 04/02/2017 at

    It’s Go Nagai. There will be gore, rape, dog-person and stuff. Devil man also have one of the bleaker setting in Go Nagai creation.

    btw, since Netflix rebooting stuff, is it too hopeful for old super robot series such as GetterRobo, mazinger, or Gaiking to get a reboot.

  • 04/02/2017 at

    I read the Manga! Manga! World of Japanese comics book and the image of Devilman picked was the one where he decapitates a big boobied Harpy. Go Nagai gonna be depraved, as his wont. This new cartoon could be interesting, but may not be that explicit.

  • 04/02/2017 at

    Super Devilman fanboy here with the full pitch! Devilman (at least in the manga and manga-faithful adaptations) is, on the surface, a very simple superhero story about a Japanese boy named Akira Fuudo who is possessed by an extremely strong demon.

    He overpowers the demon with his own force of will (boosted by his passion for his best friend/love interest Maki) and retains control of his body, using his newfound power to literally rip other demons apart with his bare hands. But the main conceit in Devilman is that Akira is NOT fully in control. The demon is still always beneath the surface, trying to influence his decisions and even commonly reasserts power at some point, killing innocent people in the process. This happens usually when Akira is unconscious, which creates a very unique dynamic of “Did a demon kill this person or did I?”

    That is what makes Devilman such a classic, even after all these years. It’s not about the gore or the nostalgia or the absurd psycho-sexual monster designs. It’s about the fact that Akira is a classical good-guy superhero who is blessed/cursed with a “superpower” that actively wants to destroy him and everything he cares about. Because of this, the manga is just as much hardcore psychological horror as it is shounen splatterfest, and the fact that it ends in literal inter-dimensional transcendence should help clue you in on the fact that Nagai was trying to do something unique.

    And slightly OT here but as someone who deals with mental illness, Devilman is the greatest superhero ever made. There is no other hero’s story I can think of which perfectly encapsulates both the internal and external struggle of mental illness like Devilman does, and that is why I have always been and will always be a massive fan.

    Hope that gives some insight to the series for newcomers. It’s a shame that most descriptions of Devilman completely gloss over the parts of it which actually make it so memorable and important, and I think a lot of people are unfortunately turned off by the older, goofier art-style of the best manga/anime so they never dig deeper to find it for themselves.

    It is also one of those lost classics (in terms of Western exposure) from a much older school of manga that actually does “gritty, dark, violent, bleak, psychological” infinitely better than the vast majority of “edgy” comic book artists today, and is a great jumping-off point for exploring that world. Highly recommended to anyone and everyone that loves art and literature!!!


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