Dimension W season 2

Continued innovations in 2016 directed by Kant Kamei, the beginning of the year was full of anime releases, many do not live up to expectations.

Released anime series Dimension W season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.

Fans looking forward to when it will be continued if the new season will be released, many have missed the main characters.

We examined all the information available to date, and unfortunately the official news on the preparation of new episodes yet, but we do not give up hope, and follow all the news.

As soon as the details of the plot, trailer, soundtracks and other we will publish them.


Near future gave to mankind enormous and endless opportunities for development, but unfortunately, not all so rosy as it seems the use of new skills is not always for the good and benefit for people and the natural environment.

And sometimes humanity will have to pay for their actions and suffer three times the amount. In a world where the story unfolds this anime no wires are power and outlets are not.

Current special produce inexhaustible resources - coils, everything looks simple, but very functional.

But, with regard to non-technical progress, everything is much worse, crime continues to rise, it reigns in the streets and had no one to resist.

Criminals steal electric coils and program in their own way, making them the most dangerous weapon of our time.

The protagonist Mabuchi Kema, smuggling of these coils and earns a living.

In one of the normal days, he goes to a deal that should bring great commission, but the young man falls into a brutal mess from which he will not get out, he saves the girl, and then it began ...



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