Doctor Strange 2

Expected by many fans sequel fiction film company created "Marvel Studios Inc" and "Walt Disney Studios" based on the eponymous comic book super hero of the fictional universe of "Marvel".

Movie Released "Doctor Strange 2" not announced, perhaps the premiere of the second part will take place in - 2019.

Cinematic Universe MarveI expands your horizons. From now to the alien god Thor and billionaire Tony Stark in a suit joins magician Stephen Strange. The film "Doctor Strange" stands out against the background of his "colleagues".

Plus this or minus - time will tell. But the main question that bothers the fans of comics: is there a future for such a character among the Avengers team?


14th film studio dedicated to the neurosurgeon. The doctor, after a horrible accident could not continue to practice medicine, and started to learn the new, unknown before him, the world of magic. Now he will fight for mankind is not a scalpel but with the help of magical powers.

The plot unfolds very quickly. The first 10 minutes - and the doctor gets into an accident. Another 10 or so he already partakes of the mysteries of the magic world. The process of learning in general, wondering passes. Battle evil short but intense. Final lightning and unpredictable.

And in the end Marvel leaves room for a puzzle that becomes a reference for the continuation and other future projects.


The company does not cease to use its main weapon - the sarcasm. It is thanks to the humor of the studio projects are gaining wide popularity.

After fantastic tapes recently released a lot, but only a few can boast of interesting jokes that amuse the audience. Strange how the Marvel heroes and others, knows how beautiful and hard to talk.

That his remarks caused laughter from the audience. Such moments defuse the situation and allow you to relax. And here I must say that this superhero thriller - not easy to understand. Includes movie, you are not only transported to a parallel world, and share and get positive.

For a long time the studio has decided who to take on the role of the sorcerer. It is said that the audition came Matthew McConaughey, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp and others. But for some reason or other actors refused to work, or denied them.

The victory was the casting British Benedict Cumberbatch. What actor gave the picture? First and foremost, a man quite like a comic book hero Doctor Strange.

From the above it is pleasantly different litsedeev courage and charisma. Present in the role of the magician often inadequate Jared Leto or too quiet Joseph Gordon-Levitt - is not easy. A Cumberbatch added a peculiar charm to the project.

It is very strange to see a Briton Tilda Swinton - bald. One of the most extravagant actresses of asexual creature looks here. It is unlikely that the plot was necessary to shave the head of a woman.

It has not produced the expected highlight film, but rather distract the viewer's attention. Here her image has features in common with the character of the film "Constantine: Dark Lord" - Gabriel.
It is worth noting that in the comics Elder - man.

However, the writers decided to make the character more mysterious. The fact that the floor is not the prerogative of the hero in the film, became known when invited to audition like Tilda Swinton, and Morgan Freeman. But in general I am British coped with the task. Her character left a ghostly and mysterious.

Frankly, the picture in places like the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda." There is a hero who does not quite understand why have to learn. And also there is a teacher that is waiting patiently on student results, did not even really explain what exactly is the meaning of education.

Now the fans is hard to imagine a magician that can change reality, a team of superheroes. It is then not call up the Avengers, it far exceeds them in force. But there is information that Benedict Cumberbatch will take part in the filming of the project scheduled for 2018 - "The Avengers: Infinity War". And his role in the film will not be a minor.

In any case, the film "Doctor Strange" managed to please the audience. Let it different from other projects Marvel, but still consistent with the basic principles of the company. Because of the colorful characters, a dynamic plot and the original submission - a picture of deserving 9 points out of 10.

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