Drifters season 2

The new season of the popular anime series, based on the fantastic manga writer Kotoy Hirano, is engaged in the production studio "Hoods Drifters Studio".

Released anime series Drifters season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 8, 2017.

According to a survey conducted by "Anime! Anime!" "Wanderers" got the fifth place among the top ten of the best adaptations of the history of the genre.

In addition franchise has repeatedly presented the prestigious award "Manga Taishō" and was awarded "BAMFAS".

At the end of 2016 directed by Kenichi Suzuki and TV network "Tokyo MX" and recording studio officially announced the beginning of work on Season 2, the show will be held in October next year.

Fans of the genre are invited to consult the section "Anime", there you will be able to keep abreast of the latest innovations and schedules the release of new series.


History of Anime "Wanderers" is based on real events occurred in the period from 15th to early 17th centuries, this time in Japan called "Sengoku era."

The action takes place around the plight of the brave warrior samurai Shimazu Toehisa, fighting in one of the battles he personally battled the enemy army chief Naomasa Ii, but as a result of fatal wounds and dies himself Shimazu.

After his death, he falls into a hidden dimension, being in a mysterious passage in front of it there is a set of doors, one to meet him, a mysterious stranger comes to sunglasses, producing some entries and provide Marasaki name, it sends a soldier to another world.

The new world was for the main character much more interesting than the former, because it live very real hobbits, elves and dwarves.

The new dimension Shimazu be introduced to a secret organization, the union of all wizards called "Octobrists". Locals call its members "wanderer."

North of the new world ruled by the sworn enemies Pouch - violent and dangerous warriors "Enda", their army consists of various monsters and monsters, Shimazu joined the ranks of the southern magicians to confront the undead.



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