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elDLIVE season 2

Continuation of the anime cartoon series directed by Takeshi Furuta and FUNimation Entertainment film studio created in 2017.

Release date anime series Fights Break Sphere season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - January 2018.


At the main hero of the anime "elDLIVE" Chuty Kokonose life was not very good. This student in early childhood lost their parents.

Because of this Chuta lives in the house of her aunt, who has a shop where fresh muffins sold. Very often, the boy helps Aunt trade.

We kid, there is one serious problem. For a long time he hears in his head voice alien Drew. Therefore, many believe Kokonose bit odd and introverted.

Once on the street Chutu beginning to pursue the creation of a kind unthinkable. The young man wanted to escape, but did not. It is teleported it in an unusual place.

There was quite a lot of people and other creatures. It turns out it's the police department, which is headed by the Office of the Solar System (VSS).

The police, headed by Raine Blick searching for all offenders in different worlds. Chute offered to enlist in the BCC.

The boy hesitated a little in their ability, but an inner voice persuaded him to accept. Before that you have to pass a special test. His co-worker becomes a classmate Misuzu Sonokata. She used to look after Chutoy school.



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