Elementary season 6

Continuation of the popular American TV series, which is based on the works of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson Geoana.

Release date tv series Elementary season 6 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – October 29, 2017.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson - the only heroes in the world who never bored spectator. Once again I remind about this auditorium decided to CBS channel.

It was under their leadership came out the regular season detective series with your favorite characters in the lead roles - "Elementary".

What adventures await familiar characters? Sherlock - not the best person in the world. But he has no equal among the investigators.


In this theory, from the first moment spent together with the detective, convinced his new curator Dr. Watson. The young lady only had the man as he gave a lot of facts about her personal life.

But Joan knew about Holmes are not enough. Detective - a former drug addict, hooked on a habit because of the tragic love for Irene Adler. Previously, he worked in London. Now living in New York. A doctor sobriety, whom Watson and running over a bad egg son put his father Man.

From now on, all the action will monitor Joan Sherlock. But on the first day of a detective to investigate the charge terrible and mysterious murder.
A professional killer was looking for. But, due to lack of evidence may not bring the guilt of the perpetrator. That Dr. Watson quickly finds a weak spot in this complicated case ...

The role of the detective's world-renowned performing Jonny Lee Miller. The actor starred in such projects as "Emma", "Thieves Extra class" and "Eli Stone."

In the TV series "Elementary" he was able to perfectly represent all the business features of the hero. It affects shocking, observation and straightforwardness. The character armed with sarcasm, and often "issues" caustic jokes.
The image of Sherlock as disclosed in cinematography, which, unfortunately, Miller failed to add to the character is something new.

Therefore, the audience appeared old, familiar to everyone, the hero of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
And if Holmes in all projects equally attractive to the public, his partner on the television series has caused a wave of criticism.

Information about what the role of Watson gave the actress Lucy Liu - outraged supporters novels. Spectators well remembered akterku of such films as "Lucky Number Slevin," "Shanghai Noon" and "Kill Bill." Less commonly, a woman appeared in the series. One of the most significant of its robot had a recurring role in the TV show "Ally McBeal."

But, despite the protests of fans Doyle works, those who watched TV series "Elementary" satisfied innovation that risked to make the authors. Dr. modernized image and fresh.

there is John Paulson, who has worked on at least two popular project "The Mentalist" and "Remember what is" Among the directors of the series. Another film genius who had a hand in the filming process - Seth Mann. Under his "Lie to Me" guide published scandalous show. With such directors it is not surprising that the new project of the old heroes managed to achieve popularity.

Do not compare with other TV series "Sherlock" is rarely a television project "Elementary." Events both shows take place in the modern world. Many critics are more inclined towards movies with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in the lead roles. However, ordinary viewers do not always share the opinion of professionals.

The audience likes short and concise stories. Each episode has a logical conclusion. And Miller is much better cope with the role of the sarcastic detective than a colleague Cumberbatch.

In general, the tape will appeal to those who like to experiment in the field of cinema. Watson-woman diluted atmosphere is great. A detective came out surprisingly energetic and attractive.

His straightforwardness does not irritate, and brings a smile. It's a wonderful, criminal dramatic comedy that will appeal to fans of the great writer Arthur Conan Doyle, and all fans of the detective genre.

Elementary season 6 release date

Series titleRelease date
6x01Series 1October 29, 2017
6x02Series 2November 5, 2017
6x03Series 3November 12, 2017
6x04Series 4November 19, 2017
6x05Series 5November 26, 2017
6x06Series 6December 2, 2017
6x07Series 7December 9, 2017
6x08Series 8December 16, 2017
6x09Series 9December 23, 2017
6x10Series 10December 30, 2017
6x11Series 11January 6, 2018
6x12Series 12January 13, 2018
6x13Series 13January 20, 2018
6x14Series 14January 27, 2018
6x15Series 15March 18, 2018
6x16Series 16March 25, 2018
6x17Series 17April 1, 2018
6x18Series 18April 8, 2018
6x19Series 19April 22, 2018
6x20Series 20April 29, 2018
6x21Series 21May 6, 2018
6x22Series 22May 13, 2018
6x23Series 23May 20, 2018

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