Fairy Tail season 3

Expected by many fans continued release of the popular anime series director Shinji Isihira, based on the cult Japanese manga author Hiro Mashima.

Release date anime series Fairy Tail season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - December 7, 2017.

At the end of March 2016 the film company "A-1 Pictures" and "Satelight" stopped production of new episodes of the series "Fairy Tail", in our editorial office receives many questions, the main one being, when will the 1 series of the new season?

According to unconfirmed information officially, the studio plans to resume production of new episodes in March 2017.

It is known that, as in the past the role in the new series of the anime series "Fairy Tail" will be presented by actors Stephen Hoff, Jamie Marchi, Todd Haberkorn, Sayaka Ohara, Cerami Lee Yuyti Nakamura, Tia Lynn Ballard and Aya Hirano.

Fans of the genre offer to learn about the latest in 2016 "One Punch Man season 2" and renewed series "Berserk", which are very popular among the audience.


Events anime "Fairy Tail" takes place in the magical village of Fire, long before the events of the manga, about 400 years ago.

Mages who lived in the village know the power of the Phoenix, which surpassed their previous skills and equal to the force of Zafer.

In order to protect the ability of Phoenix, magicians had to create a magical artifact called the press, to hide a new force in the so-called phoenix stone.

Legend has it, so the one who will receive the Phoenix (stone) the blood will become immortal and invincible sorcerers stone divided into two parts, the phoenix that no one could not get unlimited power.

But during the division of the ritual, there is an attack of bloodthirsty barbarians and murderers, the division is still there, but magicians killed except young girl named Agnes.

On the ruins of the village was built the great wizards kingdom called Veronica.

In this principality has one of the parts of the Phoenix Stone. It took another 400 years and called Cream Prince decides to join stone together, without thinking about the consequences.

Fairy Tail season 3 release date

movie titlerelease date
Fairy Tail season 3September 7, 2017


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    just make a official fairy tail hentai 3

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      Wait, it’s not hentai by default? And here I was thinking that my adult content restriction program wasn’t working properly…
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    seriously this site is such a dumbshit hoax site
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    if there’s , where’s the real trailer about it ? huh ??


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