Fights Break Sphere season 2

Continuation of the popular Chinese anime studio created by an unknown and mysterious director in 2017 based on the popular manga 2012.

Release date anime series Fights Break Sphere season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


The mysterious world of long lost its former charm, in fact has been deprived of the magic and wonder. Today it dominates the one who has the power, and the weak person is forced to put up with the need to obey the will of the ferocious and unjust rulers.

This rich land holds many treasures, but to find them you must also overcome a lot of obstacles. A gifted magician Xiao Yan for centuries was considered the best in the business, but his power came to an end.

In just three years in the anime "Fights Break Sphere", he lost all power and ceased to perform miracles to inspire people to do good deeds.

Former allies turned away from Xiao Yan, and people have lost faith in him as their protector and helper. But it is not the loss of reputation of troubling the hero: he is afraid of more than anything to disappoint his own mother, who always had pinned great hopes on him.

What or who is deprived of his wizard power, and how he regain faith in themselves? The unexpected acquaintance with a charming girlfriend will change the life of the hero, who will understand many important truths ...



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