Force of Will

The movie will be an international project between some of Japan's most famous filmmakers, including Yuichiro Hayashi and Shuhei Morita, and Taiwan's biggest CG studios, RiFF Studio and TWR Entertainment. Force of Will the Movie will be an omnibus film containing six different anime shorts telling different stories based on the concept of the trading card game. Each short will be approximately 15 minutes long.


A Cthulhu mythology-based short
Director: Shuhei Morita (Tokyo Ghoul, Possessions)
Character Design: Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Tojin Kit, Buki yo Saraba)
Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
Studio: Yamato Works

Monkey King

A Journey to the West-inspired short
Director: Yuichiro Hayashi (Garo the Animation, Garo: Divine Flame)
CG Director: Makoto Kanemoto (Garo the Animation)
Character Design: Hidetaka Tenjin (mechanical art for Macross Zero, Aquarion Evol, Macross Frontier)
Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
Studio: TWR Entertainment


A zombie-themed short
Director: Shin'ya Sugai (CGI director for Gatchaman Crowds insight, Rage of Bahamut Genesis)
Character Design: Hidekazu Shimamura (Chaos;HEAd, Nodame Cantabile)
Mechanical Design: Takayuki Yanase (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, EUREKA SEVEN AO, Valvrave the Liberator)
Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
Studio: Sublimation


A short based on the classic Pinocchio story
Director, Scriptwriter, CG Director: Kohta Morie (CG Animation, Koi☆Sento)
Producer: Shigetaka Mochizuki
Assistant Producer: Maiko Aida
Raam: The Bridge to Lanka
A short based on the Ramayana
Director: Veerapatra Jinanavin
Script: Sornperes Subsermsri
Character Design: Chakrit Nonkome
Producer: Panida Dheva-aksorn, Takeshi Hirata, Shuuhei Kumamoto
Assistant Producer: Juthathip Niramonpisan, Yuka Matsushita
Studio: RiFF Studio


An original fairy tale story with a parent and child
Director, Character Design: Makiko Suzuki (key animation for Arrietty)
Studio: GranSky Studios

Release date Force of Will

The first film that will mark the future of the franchise will be released in 2018.

Force of Will the Movie, which involves creators from Taiwan and Thailand, is billed as the “first phase” of a larger animation project which will be revealed at a later date. Source:

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Watch Online Trailer

The official YouTube channel for Force of Will the Movie, the anime film adaptation of the Force of Will trading card game, began streaming the first trailer for the film. The trailer focuses on "L.S," the Cthulu myth-based short that will appear in the film.

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    It is not called a Classic for nothing…it’s a must see, all the way up on the list with Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, Wicket City, ……

  • 04/10/2017 at

    That was hard to watch. I went through a similar situation. There was a girl I was friends with, who I liked for years. She always avoided a romantic relationship with me, so I found someone else, but then later on, that girl started to lead me on and constantly made advances, so I broke up with the current girlfriend to be with her…
    Only difference is, the girl I liked starting dating some asshole right after I broke up…so there I was, single, made a fool out of, broke a good girl’s heart over some bitch.

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    the girls comment that i’ve been seeing upon this anime ending and i think rather than judging he is an asshole its more like the truth. like when u like a guy and u date him if he has someone he already loved then you will have no chance, dont watch too much anime girls 🙂


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