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Fuuka season 2

The new season of the Japanese anime director Kusakava Keizo, on a musical theme, created in 2017.

Released anime series Fuuka season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


In a good-natured and a little shy young man Yu Haruna in the anime "Fuuka" is a hobby - a smartphone. He carries with him all the time. The smartphone is real life for Yu.

Here he learns the news, deals, hangs in the social networks, mainly Twitter. Haruna recently moved to a new school.

He even does not matter, whether he will be in a new place friends, most importantly, that they have the World Wide Web.

One day, unexpectedly Yu met with Fuukoy Akitsuki. This beautiful cheerful girl Haruna complete opposite. It sits a little on the internet and mostly spending time outdoors.

There was their acquaintance in a completely ridiculous situation. Fuuka suspected that Yu wants to remove her underwear. The girl in angry feelings ran up to the boy and broke his smartphone. Then everything became clear, and they became friends.

The emergence Fuuki changed the lives of Haruna. He no longer sits at home all day long, and walks with a pretty positive girl. The guy has a girl he had known since childhood.

Her name Koyuki Hinaschi. It has become a famous singer. Yu invited his new girlfriend to a concert Koyuki. After that, he was already two girls.




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