Gabriel DropOut season 2

Continuation of the popular comedy anime series created by director Ota Masahiko and the film company "Doga Kobo" in 2017.

Release date anime series Gabriel DropOut season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - January 2018.


The main heroine of the anime "Gabriel DropOut", Gabriel Tenma, has just graduated from the school of angels.

Teachers are more than satisfied with it, arguing that they have not had such talented students for a long time. Soon Gabrielle learns that she is part of a group of the best graduates of the school should go to Earth.

Her mission is to go to an ordinary earthly school and learn more about people's lives. After all, without this knowledge, she can never become a true angel.

So, Gabriel goes to Earth. But there she will meet with a temptation, which she was not warned about in the school of angels - online games.

Now Gabrielle sits all day at the computer monitor, she misses classes and completely forgot about the purpose of her stay on Earth. Oddly enough, the witch Vinette Tsukinose April is trying to help the girl get rid of the game addiction.

Soon she will become Gabrielle's best friend. But it's better for angels not to be friends with witches, and now both of them may have problems ...

And yet, perhaps this is the lesson Gabriel should take - is it necessary to believe that people are better than they seem?



7 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut season 2

  • 03/28/2017 at

    Haven’t made up my mind about this one yet. I’m enjoying the comedy, but I feel that it isn’t quite living up to its potential somehow. I’ll give it a couple more episodes to see if it gets into its stride.

  • 03/28/2017 at

    I was a bit confused at the beginning, last time it sounded like they were setting up a plot for the final couple episodes but then they cut back to the human world for this one.
    Satania’s a good person at heart, even after all that dog’s done to her she went and rescued it. It was nice to see the dog just sitting around with the main cast instead of only showing up for a few seconds to steal Satania’s melon bread.
    Tapris trying to figure out computers was great and it sounds like she blasted through the basics and ended up in programming. I was a bit afraid she’d start to fall like Gab but she ended up on the practical side of computers instead of the entertainment side.

  • 03/31/2017 at

    I’m wondering if this release date is legit real or just expectations (I know that it is just an expected release date as the name above, just to clarify if it is legit real season 2.)

  • 07/13/2017 at

    Is this really going to happen? Or is it just clickbait?


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