Gotham season 4

Continued criminal, sci-fi series was created by the studio "DC Comics" together with the "Warner Bros. Television" in 2014.

Release date tv series Gotham season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – September 18, 2017.

The first three seasons of the show introduced the audience in all its glory the most famous heroes and antagonists of the DC Comics universe.

One of the most important roles in "Gotham" played Dr. Hugo Strange and experimental patients, it has been enriched by them piggy villains, and from here, and new, interesting storylines for season 4 of the series and of course the pets heroes.

It is possible that in the sequel will be even more new characters, both heroes and those who terrifies the civilians Gotham.

Actors confirmed the consent to the shooting in the fourth season, Ben McKenzie, Sean Pertwee as well known for his detective "Luther", Donal Logue played in the mysterious "X-Files" and the historical drama "The Vikings", David Mazouz young actor who has played in a variety of popular feeds, including detective "Criminal Minds" and Zabryna Guevara star of TV series "Person of Interest".


The storyline is built around a war hero James Gordon, who, after fierce fighting, returned to his homeland.

Soon James decides to dedicate his life to service in the police, thereby to realize his dream - to clean the streets of his native Gotham City from crime and stand up for his defense in the further future.

James embraced colleagues brave and honest partner, bosses put to him a mentor Harvey Bullock, a seasoned detective with a lot of experience.

Companions continually transgress to investigate the mysterious murder of a wealthy family Wayne, to be more precise the couple Martha and Thomas arrived at the crime scene detectives met with the son of the deceased, they give a promise that has not happened to find the culprits.

Start of the season will be a real madness, or rather it will be what happens in Gotham.

Bruce Wayne is taken for the disclosure of a mysterious organization called the Soviet court, but he still does not know that on the streets, in all the weapons of his exact copy - double.

James Gordon join trade unions with a young journalist Valerie Vail to investigate the current situation around the organization of Indian Hill.

The series will return Leslie Thompkins, transformed Ivy Pepper and meet Harvey Bullock and Mooney Fish.

Gotham season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
6x01Series 1September 18, 2017
6x02Series 2September 25, 2017
6x03Series 3October 2, 2017
6x04Series 4October 9, 2017
6x05Series 5October 16, 2017
6x06Series 6October 23, 2017
6x07Series 7October 30, 2017
6x08Series 8November 6, 2017
6x09Series 9November 13, 2017
6x10Series 10November 20, 2017
6x11Series 11November 27, 2017
6x12Series 12February 28, 2018
6x13Series 13March 6, 2018
6x14Series 14March 13, 2018
6x15Series 15March 20, 2018
6x16Series 16March 27, 2018
4x17Series 17April 3, 2018
4x18Series 18April 10, 2018
4x19Series 19April 17, 2018
4x20Series 20April 24, 2018
4x21Series 21May 2, 2018
4x22Series 22May 9, 2018


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