Granblue Fantasy season 2

Continuation of the cult anime cartoon series creator who is the director Ito Yuki, premiered in January 2017.

Release date anime series Granblue Fantasy season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2018.


Cartoon "Granblue Fantasy season 2 " tell young viewers of the Invisible wonderful world above us in the sky. It is believed that the world in ancient times, the gods left.

A long time ago it tried to usurp the evil creatures Astral. They have great strength and superpowers. However, their desire to take over the world did not materialize.

Local celestials gave their conquerors worthy response and gained a long-awaited victory over the strong Astral. There was a long truce.

And now again the time has come when the world threatens the obvious danger. Country boy finds girl celestial accidentally and unexpectedly fallen to the ground, her name is Grand.

This unusual girl incredibly krasiva- so it makes blue hair and huge eyes. She told the boy that fell to the ground, when intended to escape from his pursuers from the Great Empire.

What a mighty empire on the strength and very ruthless in the sky. But why Empire pursues and wants to return to Gran nebesa- see for yourself in the cartoon.



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