Gravity Falls season 3

Continuation of the popular cartoon, for those who love mysticism, adventure and mystery. Cartoon Disney studio prepared for display on their own Disney Channel of Chanel. The official release of the cartoon in the summer of 2012.

Release date tv series "Gravity Falls" 3 season is not declared, the show officially closed - November 20, 2015

Many fans around the world puzzled by the question whether the continuation of what happens to your favorite characters?

Earlier, the media announced the premiere in September 2016 on the third season, but this information has not been confirmed officially, at present our edition has made every effort to clarify and explain the situation, please stay tuned to this material.

Then the shooting was engaged director Alex Hirsch, cartoon lasted 11 minutes and consisted of a series, the story attracted to Disney, it has proposed to increase the short film, and then completely bought the rights to release.

Then start broadcast in the autumn of 2012. The second season of the picture came on the Disney Channel HD in August, 2014.


Gravity Falls is the name of a small town in the US state of Oregon, it is happening events of the cartoon, two twin girl Mabel and Dipper boy with a strange name Pines travel to Gravity Falls on a summer vacation to his best friend Wall. Steen worked as a manager of the tourist agency "Wonderland Shack".

For the first time the boys have to be bored in such a small town, where there is almost no public entertainment.

But one day they discover that in Gravity Falls was something strange and paranormal. Dipper walking in the woods discovers someone's diary with the words on the cover of "number 3".

The diary describes supernatural anomalies dissolved in town. He shows his sister and together they decide to reveal all the secrets and the secrets of a mysterious town.

Every step closer to unraveling the young detectives another mystery, is very dangerous. It turns around the city is full of scary creatures and gloomy places.

Gravity Falls season 3 release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1Closed - November 20, 2015



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