Haikyuu season 4

Continuation of the popular anime created by film company Production I.G based comedy manga in 2014.

Release date anime series Haikyuu season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


Schoolboy Cee Hinata in love once. This feeling came over him after watching a volleyball match - this sport Cee and "fuse". In that game I did win the "little giant", the diminutive genius player who became an idol Cee.

Inspired, he organized a school volleyball club. It soon became clear that the founder of the club, who is also its chairman, will be the only member - the other fans of volleyball in the school was not found.

The protagonist of the anime "Volleyball" was not discouraged. Eventually Cee able to calculate the potential players among schoolchildren. Infect them with enthusiasm, he began the thankless work on this material. At the very least to the Interschool Volleyball Tournament team was ready.

The collective Cee unlucky: they immediately got on the favorite, the slave Tobio Kageyama, nicknamed "King of the site." Had Cee team to go home.

Our hero is consumed with resentment, but then fate throws a strange trick. A year later, Cee becomes high school and the new school immediately included in the volleyball club - where he meets Tobio Kageyama. I wonder what will come of their meeting: peace or war?



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    if this is true then why hasn’t it came yet ?


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