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Hand of God season 3

Continuation of the American drama television series created by Ben Watkins and Amazon in 2014. September 15, 2016 Amazon announced the transfer of the premiere of the second season in 2017 and the closure of the series after two seasons.

Release date tv series Hand of God season 3 to be announced, the production of new series officially - closed.


The series "Hand of God" is a crime drama about a corrupt master of justice who has experienced a moral rebirth.

Pernell Harris is an influential judge in a small town. Illegal alienation of land, municipal corruption, dubious financial schemes and semi-criminal transactions are all under the control of Harris and the clan of his henchmen.

The life of an immoral judge changes when his daughter-in-law is cruelly raped by an unknown person, and the son of PJ shoots himself.

Now the unfortunate suicide lies in a coma, forcing the father to suffer from helplessness and a sense of guilt.

Moral suffering temporarily deprives Harris of reason. In unconsciousness, he leaves home, performs a baptismal ceremony in the missionary church "Hand of God" donates thousands of dollars to a scam-preacher and, loudly praying, naked swims in a fountain.

But most importantly, the hero begins to hear the voice of a son-comatrist crying for revenge. Believing that God himself revived him for righteous retribution, Harris is determined to do the true justice that borders on lynching.

Hand of God season 3 season release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1closed series



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