Hand Shakers season 2

Continued action anime cartoon series production FUNimation Entertaynment created GoHands studio in 2017.

Release date anime series Hand Shakers season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October, 2017.


Anime Events "Hand Shakers" taking place in the Japanese city of Osaka. Humanity has reached the incredible technological progress, through which it was created a unique weapon - "Nimrod."

Its very easy to activate - it is necessary that the two men shook hands and, thus, was called out of his soul "Nimrod."

Each pair of shakes (as they call people who have decided to call "Nimrod") has their own dreams, and to implement them, they fight with each other. Only the best pair will be able to fight with "God."

The protagonist of the anime - Takatsuki Tazuna. This year, the guy has to finish high school and go to university.

One day he goes to the research laboratory of one of the university and finds a sleeping girl - Akutagawa Coeur.

When the man touched her fingers, he suddenly begins to hear a strange voice. Soon Takatsuki understand that with a strange girl he was transported to another world - the world shakes. And now they have to fight together for the right to challenge the "God".



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