Jie Mo Ren season 2

Expected by many fans of anime sequel popular cartoon from the studio "Tencent Animation" created in 2016.

Release date anime series Jie Mo Ren / The Devil Ring season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - october 2018.


Zhou Xiao An anime series "The Devil Ring" in mysticism did not believe. Moreover, he attributes from the world of people it never connected. And then fate, take, make fun, proving the opposite.

Here is a ring, but - the world is scary, otherworldly. Only an example, saying that a ring on her finger, as the world that you swallow.

And not only overexposed eyes of people you'll be seeing, but also all those who follow them, or over them goes. Zhou - suspicious man and terribly controversial. Let with uncommon caution, but the ring-he tries.

And here it started priklyuchenitse. And the demon, that his mouth fast breaks, horror and stench on the ground carrying. And even the devil, that is, Emperor Shang Dynasty mushrooms themselves, to rule the world claims submission and servile people around him requires.

Poznan Zhou zombies and race that feeds on not just humans, but their hearts are deceitful. Tao and see monks that destroy the wicked otherworldly "Aliens" seek. And even knows creatures that like people, but look closely - supernatural beings, so masterly learned to adapt to the human world ...



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