K: Memory of Red season 2

Continuation of serial Japanese cartoon created by the studio "GoHands" and directed by Shingo Suzuki. Cartoon was created by the eponymous manga was released in 2012 on «MBS».The main roles in the future trikvele ozvuchat Erin Fitzgerald, Mikako Komatsu, Matthew Mercer, Satomi Sato, Miyuki Sawashiro and by Jun Fukuyama.

Released anime series K: Memory of Red season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 8, 2017.

Since the days of the show was also created a feature film by manga soon became a cult film adaptation among genre fans are now waiting when will the sequel.

According to the official website of the studio "GoHands" script was written long ago, it is ilustration work will premiere next fall, as he shifts to get acquainted with other popular anime.


The story of the young Isana Yashiro, who is trained in one of the oldest Japanese Asikana schools. Since childhood, Yashiro was cheerful and carefree boys, but also when I went to school continued to behave the same way.

But his life changed dramatically when the school began to attack the representatives of the most influential communities clans. And all this is due to the fact that they were accused of the murder of Yashiro Totsuka Tatars, red clan member.

But the main character was not involved in what has happened, and tried to prove that corroded the community. One day, he met with some Kuro Yagotami, which helps him to find out what memory podterli his detractors, and all of consciousness was changed to fiction.

Because of that, he does not know about his past, and his deeds, and may by involved in the death of Tatars Totsuka. Here comes another heroine Neko capable of changing human form, and can be anyone, and to create illusions, and this helps Yashiro in the fight against clans.

Soon, the main character begins to turn memory, and it step-by-step approaches to the disclosure of the mysterious murder. On the way from the main characters of many dangers, they will win countless villains who threaten them and civilians.



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