Keijo season 2

The new season of the popular anime Base on the Japanese manga created by the writer and director Hideo Takahashi summer 2016.

Release date anime series Keijo season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2018.


Anime Events "Keijo season 2" occur in an alternate Japan, where the huge popularity of an unusual sport called Cage.

The essence of the sports game is to opponent push the floating platform in the water, without using the hands and feet.

Middle school girls Nozomi Kaminaschi Cage engaged in my entire adult life, and is going to devote its future development and promotion of the sport.

The girl was born in a poor family and a professional career in the Cage is for her the only opportunity to improve their own financial situation and family life. Nozomi has undoubted advantages - flexibility and a sense of balance, which is the result of many years of rhythmic gymnastics.

With the success of finishing school, a girl goes to a prestigious boarding school, where she will study all the secrets and especially sports games, which are millions of fans of Japanese citizens.

The girl expecting a grueling workout, as well as the joy of the first victories and bitter defeats.



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