Kiznaiver season 2

Animated series of the anime genre of the same name based on the Japanese manga created by director Hiroshi Kobayashi in 2016.

Released anime series Kiznaiver season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2017.

Premiered in the US segment of the Internet took place in April 2016, the project has received mostly positive reviews among the spectators, fans found.

On portal presented a description of the plot, posters, trailer for the anime "Kiznaiver" and other popular anime.


Anime Action "Kiznaiver" unfold in a small town called Sugomori City, in this town for many years reign latest, as moral and technical rules of life.

Since the city itself is remote and not great, then it makes sense to fight for the truth gone into oblivion. The new board Sugomori, are alleged policy of improving the global situation, the eradication of bloodlust and militancy.

But this policy only in words is not so simple, was created by an experiment, under the code name of "cousin", which is the introduction of a certain chip, which connects all the inhabitants of the City.

If you were injured one of the carriers "cousin" and it will be reflected on those who are connected with them by means of certain threads.

Almost all the inhabitants were forced to take part in the experiment, they were called kiznayverami not been to the liking of all this innovation, and not everyone wants to entrust his life to others, especially to those who are simply unpredictable in their actions.

The main character Sonozaki Noriko told her classmate Agatha Katsuhiro that he will soon become the most kiznayverom, Agatha decides to throw off the bridge, but it discourages Noriko.



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