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On our site you can get acquainted with the news, posters, trailer and plot to "Legion season 2". Since he was a teenager, David Haller (Dan Stevens) has had mental problems. Doctors diagnosed schizophrenia. Since then he has always been placed in new psychiatric clinics. But when he has a strange encounter with another patient in a hospital, his life changes radically. Are the voices he hears, the visions he experiences, perhaps real.

  • The original name: Legion season 2
  • Director: Noah Hawley
  • Duration: 56 min.
  • Actors: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Bill Irwin, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, Jean Smart
  • Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Drama
  • Country: USA
  • TV channel: FX

When does Legion season 2 return on FX? We have the new information on the status of Legion season 2.

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Legion is a US television series, which was broadcasted on the FX channel on February 8, 2017 for the first time. Legion season 2 expected release date - mid-2018.

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I want trippy scenes. Thing is with the multiple personalities, I think they'll have to do it at some point because he is called Legion in the comics because of his multiple personalities, so for it to make sense for the show to be called Legion (and if the characters ever call him Legion) he will have to have multiple personalities at some point. I think they'll have to do multiple personalities at some point, considering the show is called Legion and especially if any of the characters start calling him Legion. Otherwise it doesn't really make sense except just having the name as promotion

Definitely need the trippy scenes in season 2! That's part of what made the whole aesthetic of the show work. They really should find a way to work the schizophrenia back into his character. I really hope they don't have less trippy stuff in the next season. The fact that it was so crazy during the first few episodes and trying to figure out what was going on was a big reason I enjoyed the show so much.

I figured that Shadow King would jump to someone else's body because no way were they getting rid of an Important character like him(Plus Aubrey Plaza is killing it in that role). I'm happy all the main characters are safe I was worried for Kerry for a second. Also Clark seem like an interesting character nice to see him stick around (Plus LGBT representation is always nice & welcomed in my eyes). Okay I making a prediction but I'm pretty sure that is was the X-men villain Mojo that captured David like he was a Pokemon (I mean we got so many T.V symbolism throughout the season that I was expecting Mojo to be randomly mention or shown in one form or another).

I'm glad Aubrey is staying and I do want to know more about Shadow King too, It is, I appreciated how the show didn't use a character like that to prop up their show, many do and try to attract fans that way which isn't bad but I liked that it was a surprise, this way our opinions weren't altered by what we thought would've happened etc because I find people do that. I also think it kept The Interrogator more mysterious and this was the perfect time to introduce him, to add the humanity. He seems like a great guy 🙂 Also, I never see male LGBT characters in comic shows so this is huge. Awesome prediction, that's quite possible. I looked at the poke ball and I had to think, Noah did you play Pokemon Go on your off time 😉 Anyways thank you for your comment, it's been a lot of fun discussing with you 🙂 Looking forward to Season 2.

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  • 05/07/2017 at

    i don’t know, maybe they want that the first and second season be about david alone, finding out who he is, first with shadow king and then without it… and by the end of season 2 they start put in the others personalitys in david… maybe they want him to think “oh, ok, so now that the shadow king is gone i’m normal again, lets fight him and the others divisions… ” and then puff! multiple personas starts showing up in davids head… What about the generator room that Oliver was working in during the last episode when he said “I’ll be you know where”? All of those weird coffin shaped boxes on the walls look an awful lot like a mental prison where I’d store some extra unsavory personalities.

  • 05/07/2017 at

    20th Century OWNS FX. Besides this is an association with Marvel Studios and FX (which is 20th Century) they are sharing the rights of this character (like Sony are with Spider-Man) so they can put in whoever they want as long as Marvel agrees because FX is 20th Century, Sony is allowing Marvel to put Iron Man in their film so the same works here

  • 05/07/2017 at

    I missed like 15 minutes of the episode. Thank goodness for your review so I read what I missed.
    – That beginning scene was very interesting insight into Clarke. But still he is a villain and I was not shedding a single tear for him. But that new outfit he was rocking was cool and so was that cane.
    – Him showing up to Summerland was not smart. I mean really what was he expecting to happen? Did he know that there was a camera in his eye and that they were listening in on everything.
    -I’m really interested in seeing the dynamic between Summerland and Division 3 now that they have to work together to stop the Shadow King. I’m pretty sure Division 3 is gonna try to betray them. And where Clarke might be now that he isn’t so against them.
    – That Melanie and Clarke scene was just phenomenal. That whole age of the dinosaur line and the fact that she really didn’t care for his reasons was so cool. I just love complexity of Melanie. I feel like she wouldn’t get along with Professor X depending on how the X-Men are in this world.
    -And that constant friction between Syd and her is very interesting to watch. And next season I would definitely love to see how things go for them now that I feel the roles are sort of reversed.
    – I kind of feel like eventually(not nowing how many seasons we are gonna get) Syd or maybe even David might not stick around.
    -Ptonomy is so underused but I’m kind of okay with that. I wish we would learn more about him but if we can’t at least they should let us she him use his powers more.
    – One of my favorite scenes has to be when they were discussing how to deal with Clarke. Everybody voicing there opinions are trying to figure out the best solution. I just love team interactions. .
    – Aubrey Plaza as Lenny was just amazing again. I think I keep saying the same this when it comes to her performance. She is both chilling yet funny. She really is up there with the Marvel villains. Certainly is better than movie villains.
    – Melanie tryna get her romance on while they have a Division 3/ Shadow King problem is so unprofessional. I was cackling. Like girl get it together.
    – David telling Clarke that he doesn’t have to be afraid was so so damn creepy. I thought that the shadow king was back.
    -David levitating so cool. I wonder how different he is going to be next season. He does have schizophrenia and he has a very basic understanding of his powers. What is his life going to be like?
    – Oliver being possessed by the Shadow King is not what I expected. Though I kind of wonder will it be easier for SK to live inside Oliver or David. David was mentally healthy before the SK poisoned him and it had time to take over David. Oliver has been in the astral plane for years and has completely lost his marbles. And even though Oliver isn’t as powerful as David he does have a better grip on his powers. David also had Syd and the Summerland team. Oliver can’t remember Melaine or Cary so can he be able to reach out to them. I’m very curious as to how this will play out.
    -Kerry and Cary back together again YAY!!!!!! I loved how Kerry was pacing the integration room and how she cautioned Carey was too funny. And in the beginning when David was stacking the soldiers you can see Carey whisper “oh my” or something to that effect. They are just so adorable.
    – I really wanna know who stole David. Is there another player on the board or is it Professor X or D3.
    – I really liked the season finale in that it didn’t really give us “action” packed scenes or sort of shock cliffhangers. But instead we are given a simplistic ending to our “movie” while providing us with questions and clues as to what could happen next. I agree that other shows kind of drag it out and don’t really develop their stories. I think the fact that we are given 8 episodes is why it is so different and better than some of the shows right now.

  • 05/07/2017 at

    again the whole episode i watched with a huge grin on my face, this show is just so f’ing awesome! that whole first part where we get the whole backstory for burnt-face-man, throwing every pc-cliché in there just for fun (I saw this as a FU/wink towards shows pandering to political correctness but that just might’ve been me) and then having all his minions getting piled up like that and having him deliver the best “sh*t” i’ve seen in recent history 😀
    just everything about this show is perfection.
    can’t wait for season 2!

  • 05/07/2017 at

    A good ending because it left me wishing for more. Had a thought or two, though, that I’d like someone else’s opinion on.
    Lenny and Oliver. I have a vague feeling they’ve met before. Let me see if I can describe what I’m thinking.

    First item: when David met Oliver on the Astral plane. They were in Oliver’s “cube” and the Shadow King was pacing right outside. Oliver, trying to reassure David, says offhandedly, oh, don’t worry, he can’t get in here. Now, why was Oliver so confident that the Shadow King wouldn’t be able to get into the cube? Only reason I can think of is because SK has previously tried and failed. Which brings me back to wondering about the timing of when Oliver entered the Astral plane and ended up staying there for a couple decades. Could that have been around the same time that David was first possessed by SK? Maybe SK tried to possess Oliver, was thwarted and switched to possessing David? Anyway, obviously Oliver and SK have history, I’m just wondering at how much history.

    Second: when David mentioned Melanie’s name to Oliver, Oliver vaguely answered that he knew a Melanie once. Then he asked if Melanie was Asian, which she isn’t. But could he have meant Lenny? Although, maybe not the Lenny we’re used to since we know SK changes his appearance depending on his audience. Just wondering if perhaps SK did manage to get into Oliver’s head at one time and mix-mashed Oliver’s memories of Melanie with Lenny. That could explain why Oliver didn’t recognize his wife, Melanie: because she didn’t look like Lenny.

    Third: Cary and Oliver both immediately knew who Shadow King was and how dangerous he is. They even knew his “civilian” name (so to speak). That sounds like they’ve had run ins with SK which, again, means Oliver and SK have some kind of history. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch that that history could have included a version of “Lenny”.


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