Little Witch Academia season 2

Continued anime series created by Studio Trigger and director Ёsinari E 9 January 2017.

Release date anime series Little Witch Academia season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


"Little Witch Academia" - Anime fantasy about the adventures of magic school freshmen.

Young Acre Kagari wants to master the magical wonders that are taught at the prestigious Magic Academy. The idol of the girls - the great witch Shining rocket powerful witch and owner of a magic wand.

However learn Arcane wisdom is not easy, because the Acre - witch-blood, is not able to cast spells and fly. With this magic hero is not familiar, but the enthusiasm, courage and determination aspiring Kudesnitsa not hold.

Going to the academy Nova Moon, Acre meet future friends - Susie Mambabaran arrogant, expert in poisons and potions forewoman, and good responsive Lott.

By mistake, the girls are in the Forbidden Forest Arcturus, where fabulous monsters live. Having gone through an incredible adventure, the trio gets to the Academy and passes witch ceremony.

Now girlfriends expect magic lessons of the battle with the monsters of the forbidden forest, practical training in the magical tower and, as a reward, the honorary title of this witch.



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