Lucifer season 3

Expected, millions of fans continued sci-fi series based on the eponymous comic book universe, "DC Comics", issued by the publisher Vertigo.

Release date tv series Lucifer season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – September 18, 2017.

Project Ratings by the end of 2016 rose to heaven, which is why the studio "DC Entertainment", "Warner Bros. Television" and channel "Fox |" adopted unanimously, a formal decision on the extension of the TV show "Lucifer" for a third season.

Director of new episodes will perform Nathan Hope, known for the series "Gotham" and Mayrzi Almas attach a creative hand to a fantastic project, "I'm a zombie" and the post-apocalyptic TV series "Heroes".

Starring Scarlett audience favorites Estevez, Lesley-Ann Brandt, DB Woodside, Jerman Lauren and Tom Ellis.


The new season of "Lucifer" series (Lucifer) the main culprit of the TV show is not quite easy and laid back to go all over the streets of Los Angeles on its luxury cars with a folding roof.

And to blame a mother of a fallen angel, which escaped from under the protection of God, and according to the company's PR-promoted third season promo Personnel and teasers, parent rather unfriendly, and bring a lot of inconvenience to the protagonist.

The role of Lucifer mother fulfill actress Tricia Helfer, Lucifer afraid of his mother so much that is not even the possibility of escape from it, and where there is concealed a convertible.

The protagonist falls into a pit of alcohol, and will wait for parent cars, picking up the sad songs on his piano.

There is also native, black brother, who always pours of butter into the fire. Amenadiel continue to incite and amuse over Lucifer, because my mother is from the old school, and they will keep a tight rein on Morningstar on the ground, if not go to hell by force.

As for the beauty of Chloe Decker, it will continue to deal with the criminal world, clearing the streets of his native city of killers, robbers, murderers and haters, but without the help of a friend with extra abilities she did not do.

Around the Chloe, more precisely, its mysterious past lies a mystery connected with the death of her father.

Lucifer season 3 release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1September 18, 2017
3x02Series 2September 25, 2017
3x03Series 3October 2, 2017
3x04Series 4October 9, 2017
3x05Series 5October 16, 2017
3x06Series 6October 23, 2017
3x07Series 7October 30, 2017
3x08Series 8November 7, 2017
3x09Series 9November 14, 2017
3x10Series 10November 21, 2017
3x11Series 11November 28, 2017
3x12Series 12December 4, 2017
3x13Series 13December 11, 2017


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