Matoi the Sacred Slayer season 2

The new season of the anime series created by the company White Fox and directed by Sakoy Masayuki in 2017.

Release date anime series Soushin Shoujo Matoi / Matoi the Sacred Slayer season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


It so happened that Sumeragi Matoui in the anime "Matoi the Sacred Slayer" after the mother's disappearance for a long time lived with her grandparents.

They raised her very religious. Then Matoui moved to Shingo's father, who serves as a detective. The girl goes to school and earns money in the temple of Tenmai, which is located in the town of Kamai. Here she acts as a minister or as they are called "mika".

In the temple Sumeragi became friends with the daughter of the rector of the temple of Kusanagi Yuma. This girl is cheerful and cheerful, somewhat naive.

The Yuma family has for many generations been engaged in the exorcism of evil spirits - exorcism. Kusanagi is destined for the same fate and she must soon undergo the procedure of "Divine Mastery".

One day, when the girls came from the school to the temple, they saw a terrible picture. The temple is plundered, and Yuma's parents are seriously wounded.

As described in the anime "Mata: Exorcist" detective Shingo begins to investigate, and Yuma decided to urgently hold an ancient ritual of initiation. There happened an unforeseen, the ability to expel the spirits is not received by her, but by Matoyi.

The Vatican wants to understand what happened and directs the agent of the secret service of Fatima, Clarice Tonitol. Matai starts a completely different life.



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