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Nanbaka season 3

The new series of the popular animated television series based on the popular Japanese manga created by director Shinji Takamatsu in 2016.

Release date anime series Nanbaka season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - January 2018.


Prison "Nanbaka" is located on a remote island. Run away from this well-protected places is almost impossible. In the anime, "Nanbaka" tells of four prisoners who are serving time in the prison.

The Japanese Dzyugo different colored eyes. The guy he's cute, but it is an eternal loser. He is constantly trying to escape from the island, but it always caught. After that, he is automatically added time.

So it is not known whether Dzyugo once released to freedom. Englishman "Nambaki" Uno has long colored braid. By nature he is a swindler, a woman suffered from it very often.

Once he had a bride, but because of his constant deception, she broke down and left. Giant American Ros has purple hair.

All the problems in his life, he decides with his huge fists. All this led him to depart prison term. The last character is not clear at all for what has been convicted. His name is Nico, he has green hair. The guy really believes that anime characters can take over the world.

So that the whole Four falls regularly in comedic situations. Sometimes they are joined by their overseer Hajime.




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