Once Upon a Time season 7

The new season of the fantastic show created by the TV channel "ABC Studios" and director Ralph Hemekerom scenario Adam Horowitz in 2011.

Release date tv series Once Upon a Time season 7 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 26, 2017.

Previous season fueled the intrigue in the audience, everyone is waiting for when there will be a continuation of what will happen to the main characters? It is we, we will know very soon, as the bare channel "ABC" has officially extended the franchise for the seventh season.

To our knowledge, the cast of Jennifer Morrison, known for her long-running TV series "Doctor Who", Lana Parrilla who played in the "Agents SHIELD", Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas voiced cartoon "Zootopia", as well as Jared Gilmore confirmed their participation in the new season.

Every year the number of fans of the series "Once Upon a Time" is replenished by hundreds of thousands of fans and fans.

Today we want to tell you about the interesting facts that you have not heard about the show "Once Upon a Time."

  • In order to turn the actor Robert Carlyle in the mystical creature Rumpelstiltskin, make-up takes two hours to impose makeup, and then takes another 20 minutes to get dressed in his suit.
  • Initially the role of blue fairy was offered singer Lady Gaga, but her manager ignored the offer, and only if the role handed Keegan Connor Tracy.
  • The book of fairy tales hero, Henry, or rather filled with watercolors in it belong to a famous artist from Portugal, Joao Lemos, he also draws comics for Marvel Studios.
  • Actor Josh Dallas who plays a handsome prince, and actress Ginnifer Goodwin played Snow White, in real life husband and wife.
  • The story described at the start of the fourth season, in fact, a continuation of the animated film "Frozen".


The storyline is built around a seemingly ordinary residents of the city of Boston, Emma Swan, the girl working the collector, knocking out men - alimony debtors. so it happened that Emma had never seen her parents, she had no family and true friends, the other day she must turn 28 years old and to celebrate it counts alone.

That being home alone, in silence she blows out the candle on the cake, when suddenly the door bell rings, opening the front door of the girl found on the porch of a little boy, so ten years.

The youth replied that his name is Henry and he is her own son, Emma has appeared previously been pregnant, but because of lack of funds and the maternal experience, she was forced to transfer the boy to another family, one of the conditions were never met with him.

Henry told the mother to my mother that she was only able to save the inhabitants of the city, where he lived with foster parents. With thirty years ago there was a fairy-tale world, he was in a parallel reality, when married Snow White and Prince Charming, come evil queen and doomed to a terrible curse of all.

Once Upon a Time season 7 release date

Series titleRelease date
7x01Series 1September 26, 2017
7x02Series 2October 3, 2017
7x03Series 3October 10, 2017
7x04Series 4October 17, 2017
7x05Series 5October 24, 2017
7x06Series 6October 31, 2017
7x07Series 7November 7, 2017
7x08Series 8November 14, 2017
7x09Series 9November 21, 2017
7x10Series 10November 28, 2017
7x11Series 11December 5, 2017
7x12Series 12March 5, 2018
7x13Series 13March 12, 2018
7x14Series 14March 19, 2018
7x15Series 15March 26, 2018
7x16Series 16April 10, 2018
7x17Series 17April 17, 2018
7x18Series 18April 24, 2018
7x19Series 19May 1, 2018
7x20Series 20May 8, 2018
7x21Series 21May 15, 2018
7x22Series 22May 22, 2018
7x23Series 23May 29, 2018


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