One-Punch Man season 2

Continuation of the anime series directed by Natsume Shingo created on the basis of the eponymous manga. The show was a real hit of the end of 2015. All without exception, who, ever watched this genre, will appreciate the novelty of its worth.

Release date anime series One-Punch Man season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - November 11, 2017.

We receive a lot of questions when there will be a continuation, whether there will be a new season where it is possible to watch online new series.

In one of the Japanese magazines Natsume Shingo said that the project "One Punch Man: Wanpanman" has been officially extended, the preparation and creation of a script for the new season is underway, the release will take place next fall.

For fans of anime, we suggest to get acquainted with the most anticipated novelties of 2017.


As it is commonly believed, in many stories with a fantastic component, especially in anime, who does not know where these or other super heroic skills come from. Some heroes are pumped and pulled, but stupid as a stump, others make scientific achievements, but morally weak. It is difficult to understand who gives these forces, but genes can sometimes be very surprising.

Saitama, the protagonist of the anime, is sickly, but a super hero. One blow will hit any opponent. Even in his childhood he learned about his abilities and now, he participates in battles without rules and various martial arts. In addition, he crushes villains, maniacs and murderers.

In his personal life, he is a great ladies' man and admirer of the second half of humanity. The actions of Saitama are clear and heroic, but not without humor.

From day to day, the hero fights against new enemies, who seem to be a hundred times more powerful and stronger than him, save the world and manage to build love relationships. He will never retreat before difficulties, will come out victor from any situation, the most persistent before him fall like chips.

In the second season, the guy will meet a real opponent who will be equal to him, or even stronger, in which case the world is in serious danger.

One-Punch Man season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1November 11, 2017.
2x02Series 2November 18, 2017.
2x03Series 3November 19, 2017.
2x04Series 4November 26, 2017.
2x05Series 5December 3, 2017
2x06Series 6December 10, 2017
2x07Series 7December 17, 2017
2x08Series 8December 24, 2017
2x09Series 9December 31, 2017
2x10Series 10January 7, 2018.
2x12Series 11January 14, 2018.
2x13Series 12January 21, 2018.



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