Overlord season 2

Expected by many fans of the series created by anime release producer Kadokawa Schoten and Madhuse film company in 2015.

Release date anime series Overlord season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2018.


"Overlord season 2" - a fantasy anime adventure fanatical gamers stuck in the dangerous virtual world.

The cult online game "Yggdras", launched ten years ago, will cease to exist. Before disabling servers are a few moments that the main character, a young man named Momonga, intends to spend in your favorite game.

In a virtual universe, Lord Momonga - the head of a top guild "Eynz Ole Gaun" representing the dark wizards. On the last night the mighty lord gathers his minions - martial maid and butler Sebastian - in a dark tomb to await the completion of history.

However, the unbelievable happens: the final seconds expire, but the server does not fall, the game continues and the player Momonga remains the leader of the dark forces - skeletal wizard with a sinister grin.

Moreover, alive NPCs, suddenly displayed human emotion and magic stick and ring retain its former strength. To be free, locked in the game is to conquer the world Momonga "Yggdras", becoming its sole master.



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  • 04/30/2017 at

    First picture isn’t related to anime Overlord. It’s an art from videogame Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, wich have nothing in common with the anime, exept name.

    • 04/30/2017 at

      OK thanks for the clarification!


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