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Expected by many fans fiction film based on the third book of the series of novels "Percy Jackson" called "The Titan's Curse" American author Rick Riordan.

Movie Released "Percy Jackson 3: The Titan's Curse" is assigned, the studio "Fox" closed the project after the failure at the box office of the sequel - 25 April, 2014.

In support of that part of the 3 films "Percy Jackson" is not destined to take place was the hero for the day the interview and leading actor.

As the actor Logan Lerman, work in the franchise to his left in the past two films with the participation of my character have contributed to promote me as an actor in other projects, and I do not think "Fox 2000 Pictures" will take up the creation of trikvela.

Recall that the first film grossed a decent fee of $ 230 million, with a budget of 95, but the sequel received mostly negative reviews, not pay off at the box office, even the production costs.


Percy Jackson, a young subchik of our contemporary world, learns that he - a descendant of the ancient Greek gods. But then, enjoy this status he was not destined: some pulled from Zeus (Sean Bean) lightning - a powerful superweapon, and the supreme deity is expected not like.

All suspected Percy, while he completely indifferent to lightning and argues that it and never seen. Newly-born demigod do not believe - Hades abducts persidzheksonovskuyu mom and requires her to give in return the stolen weapon of Zeus.

Our hero, taking with him a team of like-minded people, goes to the full dangers and all kinds of creatures (Uma Thurman as Medusa) adventure, planning to save his unhappy mother, and at the same time find the damned lightning.

Promising idea - Harry Potter in the entourage of the ancient myths and stories - collapsed with a deafening crash. Chris Columbus, the once extremely talented writer and director, continues to move down the inclined. The script for "Percy Jackson" fragmented and weak direction is too weak, the acting ranges from poor to mediocre.

Such flaws are forgivable for adventure films, if the authors as a compensation offer hurricane action, a flurry of mysteries and puzzles and juicy catchy video, but the "Percy Jackson" and with all this, there are serious problems.

Effect of empathy and identification with the characters does not occur even in the most dramatic moments (the role prescribed too superficial), and the most spectacular (technologically) scene hopelessly ruined by clumsy implementation and dominant over all other desire creators do "in Harry Potter and Narnia, only pogrechnevee ".

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Percy Jackson 3: The Titan's Cursethe film is closed


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