Pitch season 2

Continuation of the American drama series, created by Dan Fogelmanom commissioned by TV channel "Fox", based on the true story of the first woman in the "Major League Baseball".

Release date tv series Pitch season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – September 21, 2017

The sports drama - a risky genre. Turn the game into an interesting picture is not easy. The challenge was a "Submission" to the series creators. Here, the basis for the plot took the story of the first woman-pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Interesting facts and flashbacks

The first thing worth noting: well-placed flashbacks. They succinctly talk about the way young ladies to success. Another plus - colorful characters. Of course, the highlight of the picture - beysbolistka. However, other characters are no less picturesque. Especially it amazes team. It is their jokes and antics discharged serious situation.

What audience project aims? Sport paintings are more interested in the male part. But the show "Feed" filmed for women. The main character - a strap, which should be equal to the others.

Beauty stubbornly went to his goal and did not break after the first occurrence of trouble. Ginny Baker - an excellent example to follow. Her story will be the motivation for the ladies who are afraid to follow your dream.

Of course, recognizing that the main role in the series belongs to a woman, most men will turn off the show. Typically, projects where the leading character is a girl, provide melodramatic twists, snotty scene.
However, it is safe to note that despite the fact that the story tells of Miss Baker, the tape has a male character. There are a lot of rough, uncouth humor, conflict, career issues. Of course, the main theme of the show - a sport. Even men will cheer for beysbolistku during every exit on the field.

The series "Submission" - one of the few projects that can watch with pleasure the whole family. But it is worth noting: the farther away, the more dramatic the story becomes. Sport fades into the background, but the more light the personal lives of the characters.
The main role was played by 27-year-old Canadian Kylie Bunbury. Spectators could see it in the drama series with elements of thriller "sociopath."

Also, she took part in the "Under the Dome" the third season of the TV project. The role beysbolistki actress got used perfectly. From facial expressions to look and gait - all it says about the sport. In fact, a male role successfully played a pretty young lady.

Her colleague has become a model and actress Ali Larter. The public knows it as Claire Redfield from the film series "Resident Evil." Here she plays Amelia, - professional and stern agent.

In some scenes of her image even more interesting than Ginny. No less fascinating to watch the personal life of the character. Although the image of a business woman is no longer just used by the directors, it is this character attracts the viewer's eye.


Ginny Baker since childhood showed interest in the sport. For the first time the girl picked up the ball when her father played baseball with the brother. On that day, the boy threw the class, where he could not succeed. Instead, the son of a partner in the game to become a fanatic father's daughter.

schoolgirl training was exhausting, both physically and mentally. However, very soon we noticed her talent. And now, Ginny is preparing to play in the Premier League. But when she go out on the field, as the confidence and professionalism evaporated. And the first game is failure turned ...

The producer and directed by Paris Barclay. Most viewers know this man as one of the creators of the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" and "Losers". The concept of the show is very similar to another very popular TV series "Players." Therefore, the supporters of this project drama like "Submission." In general, Fox channel will release 13 episodes in the 2nd season.

The television series "Tap" pleasantly stands out fresh ideas and a dynamic storyline, among other sports dramas. The project met the expectations of the audience.

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