Prince of Stride: Alternative season 2

The expected continuation of serial animated cartoon originally from Japan, created by director Isidzuka Atsuko, based on the eponymous manga in 2016.

Released anime series Prince of Stride: Alternative season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2017.

Nearing the end of the first batch of episodes of anime news, fans interested in the question when will the sequel, and whether the new series.

Last time out comes a lot of standing projects, but few of them gets a second season, although some rankings just going through the roof, it is hoped that the "Prince of Stride" will be formally extended, but in the meantime check out the other novelties.


For Japan, the youth the most important thing in life is to have a goal, if it is not the rapidly growing teenage body, put a lazy and careless.

Although in some cases the appearance of certain values, too, is fraught with consequences pose.

Young mind becomes so preoccupied with their speculation, one hundred and think only about them, for the realization of which will go even to the most desperate measures.

It has long been a management decision that overactive be much better indifferent in Japanese schools. Stride - a special kind of sport called has been developed for these adolescents.

It is what it is similar to parkour, six members of one team running through the streets of the bustling city and pass the baton to each other.

On the nose the decisive contest under the slogan "End of Summer", the main characters Sakurai Nana and Fujiwara Takeru taught in schools where there is no mug dedicated to "Stride", because of which they are very upset, and participate wants, other aspects of school students do not accept, then the guys decide on their own to assemble a team.



4 thoughts on “Prince of Stride: Alternative season 2

  • 05/03/2020 at

    This was posted 3 years ago and there still isn’t a season two. I’ve looked everywhere but theres no recent news about prince of stride, it’s like everyone forgot that season two was supposed to be a thing

    • 05/25/2020 at

      Same I wonder if it got cancelled

  • 06/30/2020 at

    June 30 2020

    Im still waiting for season 2 🙂 and im done rewatching it again its my 7th time rewatching it please we need season 2 😖❤️

    • 07/19/2020 at

      You should probably stop waiting as it will most likely never happen Prince of Stride: Alternative was based on a game not a manga and im pretty sure the anime covered all the content the game had


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