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Quanzhi Fashi season 2

New season and the continuation of the popular anime created in Japan at the end of 2016.

Released anime series Quanzhi Fashi season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2018.


Anime Hero Mo "Quanzhi Fashi" Fan was the most common teenager. His parents were not rich people. One day, while on a walk in the mountainous terrain, the boy met a very old man.

The man gave him an unusual amulet - the mystical suspension. It was clear that this rarity emits some sort of powerful energy.

From this moment the life of Mo Fan changed dramatically. The young man became interested in magic. It turned out that there is a special school where they teach magic tricks. Man's father helped him get to study in such academy.

So Mo Fan was the third grade students of the school of magic. Each of the students are able to manage a certain magic-elements. In the beginning, Mo Fan no ability was observed.

Classmates made fun of him, thinking that he was in the Academy through connections. And yet, when once again Mo Fan put his hand on the ball awakening, he received a rare gift of magic - fire.

Almost immediately the boy awoke the second element of magic - the zipper. This is a rare gift, which can hold only the greatest magicians. Soon everyone will know about the extraordinary abilities of Mo Fan.



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