ReLife season 2

Continuation of the anime series created by Japanese broadcaster "Tokyo MX TV" in 2016.

Released anime series ReLife season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - in July 2017.

Swing Life - comedy animated series, which has won the hearts of thousands of fans of the genre, the project is based on a cult manga "ReLife".

The author of the original, so wonderful project Yayoi Co televersion established director Satoru Kosaka on the account, which is full of popular cartoons.

An interesting fact is that the script for a new series of work just two creative personality - Ёkote Michiko and Hёdo Kadzuho.

We know that the second season, as the first one will contain 13 episodes, according to preliminary information broadcast on the "Tokyo MX TV" will begin next summer at night.


27 year old Arata Kayzaki main character of anime "Re-Life", hitherto totally dependent on their parents, work at it not strong, for life he is unhappy and tired of lying to his friends that he is doing well and he is successful.

Kayzaki that would somehow feed themselves, where not only worked as a laborer, but of course this is not enough for this and have to constantly ask for money from their parents.

But the patience of the ancestors is about to burst, and they will stop sending money quitter, even more so now the guy is sitting without any work, every interview is held for him in the shuffle.

There comes a time when Arata at all wants to kill himself in despair, but on his way home through the dark alley meets Ryo Yoake, which in turn is one of the main staff research a company called "ReLife".

Ryo Yoake offers to become Arata guinea their new drug that would make him younger, the hero is necessary just simply take the medication, and he will once again become a teenager.

In addition he is well paid, and soon he will be able to take the last place in the company, you need only to spend a guinea a year.



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