Ripper Street season 6

English drama series Richard Warlow, created by order of BBC television in 2012.

Release date tv series "Ripper Street" 6 season is not declared, the show officially closed - March 8, 2016

Despite the low ratings, the studio decided to continue to shoot the TV show. Perhaps the main reason for this decision is that the project is aimed at a general audience, while drama initially interested only in a small proportion of the audience.

Giving a second chance to show, the producers were not mistaken. And in 2016 he launched the fifth season of the series "Ripper Street", which finally will reveal all the secrets.


To offer audiences a mysterious plot - is not easy. This convinced the creators of the series "Ripper Street". The project appeared on screens in 2012. And after the show two seasons of the show's writers have declared the termination of the work on the painting because of low ratings.

The plot unfolds in London end of XIX century. Recently, the city of a wave of ruthless killings. The victims of a maniac became young women accused of prostitution. The offender, which people dubbed Jack the Ripper, strangled his victims, cut their eyelids cut the stomach to remove the restriction domestic and left graffiti. But since the last murder took place five months and the capital's residents are endowed with that Jack no longer hurt.

That's when the streets are another corpse of a young woman. This murder under simulated handwriting bloody maniac. And a local detective understands that someone wants to give his crime to work Ripper ...
For it is taken for police Edmund Reid and Drake Bennett. To help them to be a surgeon Homer Jackson.

In the atmosphere of the series it is very similar to the popular 2009 film about Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. starring. The imagination of viewers hit colorful landscapes of London 1890s. Another film that resembles the series - "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" (2006). The actors picked luxury suits. Constantly foggy British capital only intensifies the impression. On the streets dirty and cold. A stern faces of heroes only multiply the oppressive mood breathes this picture.

In fact, this series about familiar characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Here the characters have different names only here. Detective Edmund Reid begins to cooperate with the doctor Homer Jackson. Reed is quite similar to Holmes. And his partner Drake reincarnation of Inspector Lestrade. Accordingly, the doctor Jackson, who helps solve crimes, none other than Watson.

If you are a supporter of such series as "Elementary" or "Sherlock", while the British paper "Ripper Street" you will like it. Each series - complicated case that needs to be unraveled. Often there is an effect on the presence of the viewer screen. I would like, together with the heroes to investigate the murder.

It is worth noting, in the television series a lot of scenes that are not intended for an audience of children. If murder and corpses filed restrained, intimate moments that get too emotional and frank. Some of the characters that fill the show - a prostitute. More important for the story characters - cops, that in his spare time, is carried out in a brothel. Therefore, the topic of sex comes up to the surface of almost every episode.

The image of the detective went to Matthew Reed Makfedenu. Most viewers will remember this for the British role Mr. Darcy from the 2005 film "Pride and Prejudice". However, the actor starred in several television series, among them "The Pillars of the Earth" and "Little Dorrit."

His character combines the well-known British restraint and dizzying light. Despite the fact that the image turned out quite severe (Reed is not scattered sarcastic jokes), he appeals to the public.

In general, such a plot is not new to television. Each episode - is another story that is the logical conclusion. However, throughout the project lasts one intrigue: who would be Jack the Ripper? Yet the question is Dr. Jackson's persona.

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