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Rush Hour 4

Continuation of the popular action thriller, created by the film company "New Line Cinema" and directed by Brett Ratner, based on a script by Jeff Nathanson.

Release date Movie "Rush Hour 4" not announced, perhaps the premiere of the second part will take place in – 2019.

The first three films have been very successful, having collected all over the world more than 800 million dollars, paid for the production costs several times.

Also it brought a lot of franchise fees to its creators and the actors play the main role - Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan.

Initially, because of the great popularity of the trilogy, directed by Brett Ratner and "New Line Cinema" intended release "Rush Hour 4" in 2016, also was ordered draft of the script from Jeff Nathanson, it was rumored that the film will be shot in Moscow.

But in the spring of 2016 the creators of the plans have changed, dominant company "Warner Bros. Entertainment", which includes "New Line Cinema" decides not to remove the full-length film, and a remake as "Rush Hour" series.

He picked up the main roles of actors Justin Hayrsa and John Fu, most similar to the heroes of the trilogy.
The series is uniquely met the critics and viewers, reviews were mixed, mostly negative.

Currently, the output 4 of the film "Rush Hour" still remains a big question, stay tuned to our website.

Strict customs of Jackie Chan

On the eve of the tireless and ageless Jackie Chan in an interview he said that he did not believe that for older fighters in a retro style, and it's ready to shoot the continuation of the franchise "Rush Hour."

There are original and interesting ideas concerning the film's plot and script, and the powder is known to have a fearless workaholic Chan never, never translated.

Jackie categorically rejected all kinds of rumors that he decided to finish with the genre of action and forever part with the heroes of the past. So among the fans of the famous Asian, there is no reason to be upset. Jackie keeps the brand and is not going to retire.

Besides Jackie Chan managed to upset all the humanists, stating that he supports the death penalty for all those involved in the spread of drugs and other psychotropic substances.

His position is unambiguous and engage in hypocrisy in favor of bureaucrats chan is not going to. "Yes, I support the death penalty in cases where a person causes harm to society, when thousands of children suffer, he should be punished by death for distributing a global contagion - Drugs" - said the famous actor.

Naturally, this statement aroused the indignation of some Internet users and opponents of the death penalty. Chan position they consider too strict and categorical.
In addition to the strict character Jackie could open in the homeland of acting school. And now everyone to follow the path of the idol has a chance to finish school opened by a master of martial arts.

During the opening ceremony Chan said the acting school - it is a long and cherished dream. Logically, the school was named after the main character of all of Hong Kong and the world - Jackie Chan.

With regard to professional activities - cinema here Jackie complete order, in the sense that in the near future will be published and a number of promising massively anticipated films.

In November 2015 it is scheduled premiere blockbuster joint Sino-US production with a considerable budget to $ 50 million of Renny Harlin's "On the track".

And at the beginning of 2016 is scheduled premiere of the comedy thriller "Railway Tigers". In addition to statements of Chan's readiness to shoot the sequel to "Armor of God", the press reported that soon will return to the screen dashing duo Chan - Tucker in a stunning blockbuster "Rush Hour 4".

Well, we wish Jackie Chan, and good luck to all the ideas and plans will certainly come true. Success and to the new, and we dare hope to see you soon on the wide screen.

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