Sakamoto desu ga season 2

New Japanese animation industry in 2016, the original name of "Sakamoto desu ga?". The creation involved the director Shinji Takamatsu, including several successful anime series.

Released anime series Sakamoto desu ga season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 15, 2017.


Once again, the Japanese cartoon industry pleases fans of anime wonderful animated series in the beautiful graphics and interesting plot.

The protagonist of the anime and why Sakamoto? "Seemingly unremarkable man, but on the other hand he is a real star, this is how you look at it is necessary.

Since childhood Sakomoto was tatty and indifferent to the world around boy, not how it is carried away, and he had no interests at all.

But when he grew up and went to high school, his popularity was more than enough, the crowd of fans, and teachers from him in delight.

And this fame came to him in the first days of training in the new school, as so few to achieve such success among classmates, spend a few years, and this small succeeded in the early days.

Now even the protagonist begins to fear its popularity, because it can be any high level. From the girls just hanging up there, or go for heels. This does not please the other half male.

Although our hero is not conceited and does not prove its popularity, not to push themselves. But the glory is increasing day by day.

What is so hidden in Sakomoto, which is not in the other? Viewers learn seeing such an interesting cartoon.



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