Salem season 4

Continued mystical series was created by director Richard Shepard, the film company "Beetlecod Productions" and "Fox 21" scenario Adam Simon in 2014.

Teen Salem season 4 cancelled or renewed? When Salem season 4 be released? Will Salem season 4 be final?

Release date tv series TSalem season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - November 1, 2017.

In 2016, management of the channel "WGN America" has pleased fans of "Salem" transfer premiere at an earlier date, as one of the representatives from the third season, each following will be published during the celebration of Halloween.

The main role in the fourth season will perform Shane West played in serealy "Buffy" and the drama "A Walk to Remember", Janet Montgomery, the heroine of the series Downton Abbey, Seth Gabel known for "The Da Vinci Code" and Elise Eberle, it we met a detective "Rizzoli & Isles ".


Medieval Salem - place witches dislocations in the film. Fiktsionnaya Salem real story is not forced to believe in the supernatural. A series - forces.

Girl desperate departure of a loved one to the front, therefore, a step on the path of evil and gives soul to the devil for a ransom. Where did it without okolohristianskoy religion ?! Based on the foregoing, the girl becomes effective revenge detractors - the Puritans, the name of which can be compared to a dirty word.

About as bad shooting can not be said, it is amazing. In comparison, "Salem" and "American horror stories" that give preference to the first, because there is no glamor, flirty gathering, and there interweaving of passion, guilt, revenge, coupled with brutality.

The level of acting above the possible, because the selection of roles is not a way "the most beautiful on the role of the most horrific," and according to the actual events of the film, all on type.

In any film, you can find the positive side, good characters, but this was no exception. Even the main character is worthy of trying on the role of a witch myself. The man just does not conflict with the authorities, has a dark secret.

The same priest has a plurality of opposing traits and actions - piety and love for brothels and a passion for drinking.

In short, the joy of the soul, not the series. What's entourage, a variety of characters. Fans of stiffness and mystique in the series will appreciate the episodes with a bang!

Salem season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
4x01Series 1November 1, 2017
4x02Series 2November 8, 2017
4x03Series 3November 15, 2017
4x04Series 4November 22, 2017
4x05Series 5November 29, 2017
4x06Series 6December 5, 2017
4x07Series 7December 12, 2017
4x08Series 8December 19, 2017
4x09Series 9December 26, 2017
4x10Series 10January 2, 2018
4x11Series 11January 9, 2018
4x12Series 12January 16, 2018
4x13Series 13January 23, 2018


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  • 06/07/2019 at

    Please make a 4th season of Salem its so disappointing it ended early
    and bring back the sentinel ( Samuel Roukin)
    We should start another petition!!!


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