Shameless US season 8

The next season of the show, the comedy created by the film studio "Showtime Entertainment Television" and director Paul Abbott in 2011.

Release date tv series Shameless US season 8 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 22, 2017.

The previous season of "Shameless" brought the show to a new level, show the ratings were as high as ever, that allowed creators do not hesitate to extend the franchise for the eighth season.

Confirmation of the success of the series "Shameless", were two nominations for the prize "Emmy", as the actors were presented with the prestigious award "Prism" and "Satellite".

What will be interesting with the main characters in the new series, what surprises are in store for them the fate?

Today we will try to answer these questions, but let's look at the beginning of the actors who will play in the new episodes.

As expected, in the tradition of the eighth season will consist of 12 episodes, each of which will be more interesting and funnier than the previous one.

As the cast is determined, William H. Macy played in the feature "Fargo", Emmy Rossum on account of which the blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow," Steve Howe, Shanola Hampton familiar to us by the detective, "Criminal Minds," Cameron Monaghan voiced the main character in the animated series " Avatar: The legend of Korra "and Jeremy Allen Wye.


The main character, Frank Gallagher, has evolved into a narcissistic and self-centered alcoholic, with all this, many children's father, he had six children already.

Frank unemployed for several years, survives on disability benefits, which was illegal. Every day the mountain father applied to alcohol, he prefers that children cared for him, and not vice versa.

Days of Frank are based on inventing various schemes to increase their benefits, as a result of another Ofer, he is forced to meet with a girl named Sheila, who in turn suffers from agoraphobia.

Alcoholic-unfortunate entices new friend and invites him to move in to the house to cook, clean, and share with your family allowance, which is much more than the shameless Frank.

The eldest daughter Fiona lives is not sweet, but she is already used to give all the power to care for younger siblings. Family problems Fiona forced to leave school to school, and go to work.

Girl in contrast to his father grew very responsible, it is the person who will perform the promise, come what is gone. Now a fragile girl trying to build relationships with their peers Steve, a couple is experiencing difficulties that Steve "throws" the money, and so are not easy.

Soon Fiona learns that her boyfriend himself from wealthy families, but as a so-called hobby steals expensive cars.

At Frank also has an older son, straight A, but now he is forced to be distracted from science to earn a living.

Shameless US season 8 release date

Series titleRelease date
8x01Series 1September 22, 2017
8x02Series 2September 29, 2017
8x03Series 3October 6, 2017
8x04Series 4October 13, 2017
8x05Series 5October 20, 2017
8x06Series 6October 27, 2017
8x07Series 7November 3, 2017
8x08Series 8November 10, 2017
8x09Series 9November 17, 2017
8x10Series 10November 24, 2017
8x11Series 11December 1, 2017
8x12Series 12December 8, 2017


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